Top Gear Lotus esprit

Lotus Espirit

Top Gear Lotus esprit

Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Okay Cowboy says:

    I remember watching this way back when. I’m still waiting for Gary the
    plumber to call around and fix my dripping tap. He should have bought an
    Esprit instead of that crappy Astravan.

  2. Scott Budds says:

    Some great quotes from Clarkson.”You know…I really do like this car”


  3. VF1Skullangel says:

    I feel the same way about the astromax van as I do about the Ford F-150 in
    the states. Fuckers don’t do the speed limit in them

  4. Dazoo Parkes says:

    thanks, been looking for this for yonks

  5. Dazoo Parkes says:

    thanks, been looking for this for yonks ,even tried the top gear office

  6. JamesR3d says:

    he is 6’1

  7. Isn’t the Astra Maxi driver the “Top Gear stuntman” *new* Top Gear used in
    a few episodes?

  8. mcqueenmachine says:

    Hey trivia fans did you know that ‘Van Man’ is actually Andy Wilman Exec
    Producer of ‘New Top Gear’ and Jezza’s dorm buddy from top public school

  9. “recalcitrant” lol, he seemed so much more serious back then. Still
    brilliant tho!

  10. you need to improve your video quality mate. try buying Fraps. with that
    you can copy from any movie on the internet. are you copying this from a
    vhs video?

  11. Old Marine says:

    Clarkson had to be over 6 foot tall, because you could not fit a mouth as
    big as his in a small chaise