The Lotus Evora just got louder……

Lotus Evora

The Lotus Evora just got louder……

The new (louder) 2012 model year Lotus Evora paid us a visit today, so we decided to put it to the test against a 2011 model. There was quite a difference……
Lotus Evora Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Canniballistix says:

    looks like a 458 Italia and Mclaren 12C had a baby.

  2. sportagus3 says:

    @lcstay10 supra maybe?

  3. until the Italian v8 catches fire or breaks down

  4. James Crabbe says:


  5. Scotty d'Angelo says:

    Yes but they will drone like crazy

  6. Scotty d'Angelo says:

    I get kinda irked when people say, ‘oh nice toyota Camry engine”. That is a
    fantastic engine capable of well over 400HP with the right configuration.
    People who know nothing about cars scoff at brand names not knowing a thing
    about the cars… Lambos and Audis share engines, as does VWs and Porches.
    As does Ford and Lincoln. Etc.

  7. capturedbytee says:

    The exhaust on the 2012 model is certainly raspier sounding. :-)

  8. Joey Medina says:

    Not bad for a Toyota Camry engine.

  9. It sounds amazing, but it’s got a V6, and that doesn’t sound like a flat
    plane V8 ;)

  10. I saw an Evora S last week on a track. it’s amazingly loud.

  11. freakin1random says:

    yeah i agree, I’m planning on getting one of these.

  12. godzillasballs says:

    but will it blend???

  13. Better than a 430? The evora is an awesome car, but no toyota v6 will ever
    sound as nice as an italian v8. FACT

  14. highcalamity says:

    Gave me quite a fright!

  15. Scotty d'Angelo says:

    This is a decieving. Both 2011 and 2012s have the same exact exhaust
    system.. On the 2012 revving, they pressed the sport mode button to open up
    the bypass valve built into the muffler. The same exact thing would happen
    with the 2011 model.

  16. LOL SHIT …what a bad sound……..-.-

  17. William Smith says:

    Does the Evora S come with a different exhaust?

  18. patrick james says: