SMW 400hp Turbo Lotus Exige RPM @ Huntley Hill Climb

Lotus Exige

SMW 400hp Turbo Lotus Exige RPM @ Huntley Hill Climb

SMW 400hp Turbo Lotus Exige RPM @ Huntley Hill Climb.
Lotus Exige Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. James Franklin says:

    @ICEMANZIDANE you’re a moron. the elise isn’t about how fast you can go in
    a straight line

  2. Kaleb Kloppe says:

    actually you can pick one p for around 30k and the forcefed turbo kit is
    like 8k. 38k is less than the price of most new corvettes

  3. a ‘chock’ to stop the car rolling back so the driver doesn’t have to keep
    one foot on the brake.

  4. Simon Bird says:

    i know this guy he used to own a Lamborghini gallardo and before that a
    911turbo. Lucky

  5. joyfegato says:

    turbo!?!!?!?!?!?!? bah…….

  6. Alistar Folfies says:

    i dont care about the corvette really i would take a lotus above all it
    looks sexy

  7. XxlargemanxX says:

    @TVRnGTR youtube(dot)(com)/watch?v=Wt-iazP1688
    youtube(dot)(com)/watch?v=DKeQvm2Xt2E What did you just say?

  8. FerrariLamborghini25 says:

    website for southern Motor works?

  9. xenthosica says:

    jacking off the back of the car

  10. Stilini03 says:

    you mean toyota racing devlopment? i thought those has toyota supplied 1.8s
    but didnt know you could get a toyota lsd unless i am understanding you
    wrong. its a sweet car anyways.

  11. Mike Humphries says:

    what was that guy putting behind the rear wheel?

  12. The corner at :53 is outrageous.

  13. Alistar Folfies says:

    @TVRnGTR a corvette has 500 hp

  14. ShortySIG552 says:

    or terd. But apparently Toyota doesn’t endorse that idea…

  15. curancho says:

    very awful track

  16. returnedfavor says:

    Omg awesome car *drool*

  17. Toyota Racing Development. we also use a KAAZ LSD at times.

  18. seabass0591 says:

    wat do u think kit cars sound like?

  19. its967kevin11 says:

    at 0:21 or so whats that guy doing?

  20. Mpalmer00 says:

    @rsr20t Where did you get the turbo conversion done mate?