Motorweek Lotus Esprit Turbo SE

Lotus Espirit

Motorweek Lotus Esprit Turbo SE

Road test of esprit se 1990.
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. VF1Skullangel says:

    @mxferro You obvoiusly didn’t read my post. Swapping in a different engine
    outside the 4 banger could increase the reliablity and performance. Kind of
    like if you pull out the 2.5 out of a Fiero and put in a V6 out of a GTP….

  2. OMG am having fun watching old skool road test thanks for the upload mate :D

  3. Alfonzo Kesner says:

    Their performance is still superior to most!

  4. Alfonzo Kesner says:

    No, the engine doesn’t sound like ass…

  5. TheTallMan35 says:

    Looks like a cross between a Lamborghini Diablo and a Vector w8.

  6. Doonantubes says:

    that’s clever to hide the radio and I like to drive that espirt turbo SE,
    maybe I play the lotus turbo challenge music from amiga.

  7. TimothyLM says:

    Those times are impressive today- they must have been mind blowing 20 years
    ago. I don’t think a Ferrari 348 or Acura NSX could touch it. The Esprit
    wouldn’t get substantially quicker until the V8 of 1996, so you don’t give
    up much performance by opting for an SE rather than an S4 or S4s.
    Refinement is another matter, but isn’t that why God created Toyotas?

  8. ohh…nice way to hide the radio :)

  9. wow 0-60 in 4.5 seconds! how many other cars in the day of the testerossa
    could do that? and all this time i thought these weren’t fast!

  10. drove one of these today DAMN, i wasnt expecting it to be that quick, got
    abit of a shock, lit up the tires in 1st and 2nd

  11. Chris Lazenby says:

    Don’t need to be rich got £10,000?

  12. cgcgundersen says:

    Love it, but damn that’s a lot of body roll.

  13. Mking0072121 says:

    those numbers are amazing, outstanding,remarkable i cant think of anything
    that has those kind of times with a 4 banger. Fuckin awesome

  14. Chris Lazenby says:

    The 348 0-60 times were about 5.5 seconds, while the Esprit was under 5, I
    have read many scans of older magazines which say that the Esprit is the
    fastest, but still prefer the rivals, The Porsche 911 3.8, Ferrari 348 and
    the Honda NSX

  15. Chris Lazenby says:

    Selling an M3 to buy a Esprit eh? A great replacement, just don’t try to
    use it as a daily driver, even in the summer, its more usable than a
    Ferrari or Lamborghini of similar years My dad has a 1990 Turbo SE, on full
    boost it’ll pull 0-60mph in 4.7 and will go on to do over 160mph but it
    also has no power steering and the air con system can go a bit funky, if
    you get a 1987-92 model it also has a lift out, Targa roof for a 20 year
    old car, its beyond amazing

  16. VF1Skullangel says:

    @LR3GUY Consider this, I won’t be driving it daily to work and back nor to
    go get food. Plus I could pull the motor and put something else in there.
    Plenty of V6′s and V8′s out there that can be swapped in for more power and
    better reliablity.

  17. VF1Skullangel says:

    I’m thinking about one of these next. These things are now a bargan and
    with all the aftermarket now its an affordable exotic. :)

  18. LycanValvaro says:

    Aww man this vid just made my favorite car more favorite.

  19. jamesjr934 says:

    What is this from 1970? That car is butt ugly, compared to todays cars…

  20. slipknot789able says:

    um wouldn’t a thief be more interested in the car instead of some radio

  21. revolutionday1 says:

    I can’t believe this asshat is STILL hosting this show, to this day!!!

  22. @vfIskullangel better reliablity… you a fool or something? reliable? what
    could be more reliable then the excellent and well engineered motor in this
    car… evidently Lotus (be much more of engineers and experts then you
    could EVER POSSIBLY HOPE to be).. knew to put this engine in this car…
    the RELIABLITY and SIMPLICITY of a 4 cylinder with turbos goes to show you
    don’t have to have some MONSTEROUS V8 with added weight to get a hell of a
    good car,only a fool would mess up good engineering.

  23. SLAMMED87GT says:

    I love the retro Esprit’s…superior performance in their day, and cool
    accessories…i.e. the fake fan vents to cover that badass Sony radio!!
    Hahah! I really love this car highly though.

  24. really quick for its day