Modified Lotus Elise Crash at the Track

Lotus Elise

Modified Lotus Elise Crash at the Track Lotus Elise crashes… possible suspension failure.
Lotus Elise Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @SlyEvoIX No body yields to a miata at the track, i know because i have
    one. no matter how closely you tail at them at the corner they will not
    wave you by. sometime the corner marshall will flag those moving road block

  2. rhythmnsmoke says:

    That was a lot of time to end up hitting the wall still.

  3. Tjrosenberry says:

    Should have stopped after the first slide and taken a minute to relax!

  4. black98rt says:

    @jewbag18 Corolla has all the weight of the engine and trans up front. The
    Elise has all that weight in the back which gives it a lot better traction
    and makes it much more difficult to drift. Do I need to explain anything
    else to you?

  5. lasersdend15 says:

    @dontjepko i bet your mommy and daddy bought it for you too right?

  6. Vikram Bhosale says:

    @87XJBRM some of them have DSC it was designed for the gt3 lotus but also
    in the lotus 240 or 60

  7. kissrock105 says:

    @userq12q so right mate, all these losers commenting thinking they know how
    to drive fucking lol

  8. David Barriuso says:

    he likes drifting lol!!

  9. Slappy McCraken says:

    wow serious tank slapper there at least they hit some nice padded box
    things and not concrete!

  10. Possibly, but other videos I’ve seen of (confirmed) toe link failures the
    car goes right into a spin immediately. Either way he was clearly not
    retaining control and should have put both feet in by 0:09. Might not have
    wound up in the wall. Lifting in corners can start snap over-steer
    oscillations like that that, and they are hard to regain control of in a
    stock configured car. In auto-x I’ve seen it multiple times with my Elise.
    Got a lot better with a big front sway bar.

  11. chickenpax1 says:

    just seems to make sense…

  12. @dontjepko Okay well I’m sorry I missed one letter. Also I never said I
    owned one. But you’d lose that bet because I do own a car. Bought it
    myself. But I’m selling it soon and looking at an Evolution VII I’m most
    likely going to buy. In addition. I wasn’t hating, I was doubting.

  13. Clementelavalle says:

    Quello è un errore di guida, altro che problema alle sospensioni.

  14. Radu Lupu says:

    @black98rt low hp car? That’s a light car and has a great amount of power
    coming from that engine! That ain’t a low hp car…

  15. TheArfdog says:

    @Bader88 No, hitting the brakes when the car gets loose is what you should
    do, and is what all experience drivers and schools teach. Aim your car,
    then both feet in. You go in a straight line when all wheels are locked.

  16. Nick Wouters says:

    Haha look at the face of the mazda driver right after the crash, you can
    see him thinking: Should I stop?, a screw him I’m winning this race.. xD

  17. Kaotic Recoil says:

    @grrfsrip Thats awesome. No car vids, no driving vids, lonely internet game
    vids only. Wow. Anyone who lives in Subaru World could tell right off he
    more than likely Doesn’t own an STi. Hang around STi drivers, and you’ll
    almost never hear the word Impreza. I have a WRX. A friend of mine, an STi.
    The only time I have called my car an Impreza is when the police officer
    asked what the hell kind of car it was. Try either “my soobie” or “my
    WRX/STi”. Pretty sure that goes for any proud Subaru owner.

  18. TCreatorO says:

    @bamboali to gain control, you have to slowdown and steer to control, but
    like this dude did, controling+accelerating=crash, whereas
    controling+slowingdown=gain control

  19. alessiopt83 says:

    @604Yarks looks like he can’t handle that.. I run often in that circuit,
    and there are a lot of dumb people.

  20. i like how ppl try to tell what the cause was as if their god… as far as
    i know the driver couldve done that on purpose because he hated his life
    and wanted to die…. so your all wrong

  21. The1320Addiction says:

    possible suspension failure? more like possible shit driver. GO THE MX

  22. Well at least he hit the pillow barriers…..

  23. Jamie Wigg says:

    i dont get how the lotus was sooo oversteery, cos watching topgear they
    never have cornering problems like this

  24. Ryan Cooper says:

    @valver86 definitely. I hate tank slappers.

  25. Im thinkin just couldn’t drive a greased stick up a pigs ass! If you had a
    suspension failure wouldn’t you try to slow down? I see no brake lights
    only acceleration! Fail