LOUD Lotus Esprit w/Straight Pipes: 5,000 Subscriber Special

Lotus Espirit

LOUD Lotus Esprit w/Straight Pipes: 5,000 Subscriber Special

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all of your support!! I have reached 5000 subscribers, and this video is an excellent candidate for the occasion. This is onboard a very loud and very fast Lotus Esprit…
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 24lunaticasylum says:

    im more interested in the NSX that was in front of you :) 

  2. Jeff Pollard says:

    Congrat’s on the 5000! I keep coming back to this post; to get my fix. I
    have a ’98 V8 Esprit that sounds just like this, so I’m getting a camera
    (what camera did you use) to give you some competition!! LOL!

  3. aeroman5000 says:

    What’s everyone’s favorite supercars between 1980-2005?

  4. QuickSTi2011 says:

    Sounds good but a bit unrefined. My 2002 25th anniversary I got in April
    2014 came with straight pipes with no cats but sounds a lot smoother but
    just as loud. The pipes came from the Lotus dealer and they tuned it too.
    Also unless you did work to the gearbox you might want to take it easy on
    2nd gear. They are a bit weak.

  5. Why was this car removed from production?

  6. 7mgtesup1 says:

    Was the NSX modified? As you seemed only just to be keeping touch with it.

  7. Bogdan Stanciu says:

    I think the more important question is — what’s up with that NSX in the
    front?! How is this TwinTurbo V8 not catching up to it?!?!

  8. Alec Paul says:

    how did you fool the ECU with the Cat oxgyn sensors?

  9. 11033066099 says:

    Hey, whats that timing noise at 1:58 ??? I love it!

  10. SurfOrDie666 says:

    One of the coolest cars ever in production in my eyes. Absolutely gorgeous!
    This one especially is top notch. More videos on this and bad ass
    corvettes and Ford Gts would be greatly appreciated! 

  11. Scott Buchanan says:

    This must be the 3.5L Turbo V8. Amazing sound.

  12. Did you guys catch some air at 1:12?

    Great video!

  13. sounds so good with bovs and straight pipes do you know if it was deleted

  14. Speed Ersen says:

    Oh dear god. What did I just find.

  15. camoaesthetics says:

    I’m buying this car and this video fucking confirmed it. Holy shit that
    thing sounds SO beautiful. Did you do anything extra to the engine or is
    that just stock? holy hell

  16. Viper ACR says:

    One of the sexiest cars on the road.
    Great choice for an exotic car.
    I want one so bad but I’m afraid the the cheap Renault Gear box that breaks
    all the time :( 

  17. Kappa Cow says:

    Sounds like a fucking super-charged F-550. God damn.