Lotus Esprit top speed fast & furious

Lotus Espirit

Lotus Esprit top speed fast & furious

Some guy in Florida nearly buries the needle in his lotus esprit. 4 cylinder lotus with a stock turbo and a stock chargecooler. This is a “1994 lotus esprit …
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Bernardo Werner says:

    you have some balls dude. well done…

  2. Luis Giovanny Chavez Garcia says:

    This car is have buyed of 1 $ in ebay LOL

  3. The. Amish.Sasquatch says:

    This makes me giggle :) 

  4. that was fast

  5. Luca Simoncini says:

    This reminds me of the videogame “Test Drive” I used to play in the early

  6. will .............. says:

    Wow that thing really rips…. always wanted one. Top speed looks scary as

  7. mark jeansonne says:

    red one on ebaymotors right now in TX

  8. Knightewolfe says:

    Hell, I’ll take the VR4 from you. :)

  9. lotuss412345 says:

    yes, you can see this driver lifts a long, long way before he gets to
    traffic ahead, because at speeds of 150 mph+, you get there real quick !!!
    hey man, I would love to see a vid. of your 89 esprit opened up like this
    guy did with his 94 esprit

  10. KesselringMotorsport says:

    Amazing car! nice vid!

  11. lotuss412345 says:

    levlevi, he was appr. 168 mph when the radar detector went off

  12. Might be a stock turbo and chargecooler, but it must have a non-stock chip
    or boost controller. The S4 won’t sustain 1 bar without either (or both) of

  13. Thomas Miller says:

    Yeah, I busted up laughing too. Love it.

  14. lotuss412345 says:

    yeah thanks. It is amazing what a 4 cyl.can do with a factory chargecooler
    and turbo. B/c it is all stock, the engine is not stressed.

  15. Mashed the pedal on my 89 Esprit SE on the way to Vegas at night! Kinda
    freaky. Got to 142 & lifted when I saw the tail lights of traffic doing 75
    waaay-up ahead. I didn’t want to blow by or cause an incident. Figured out
    my perception was altered by the speed when I first noticed I had to brake,
    & then brake HARD when I caught traffic & was still going to blow past!

  16. lotuss412345 says:

    No that’s not the phone. That is the SRX built-in radar detector. You can
    see the small green light on the right side of the instrument panel, the
    green light suddenly starts blinking red with the alarm

  17. Alas, no more Esprit. Claudius was set to retire early off my relatively
    minor but incessant repairs (mainly due to the fact the car was 20 years
    old). And I certainly didn’t want to be the owner when the motor finally
    popped. Let that be the next guy. So, I don’t have the car & Claudius is
    still working. Got some track video I’ll get around to upload someday.

  18. Your phone is ringing…..