Lotus esprit S1 restoration

Lotus Espirit

Lotus esprit S1 restoration

1976 serial number 127G esprit being restored to original condition after 25 years in the lock up garage. The chassis had been removed and galvanised. The or…
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. This was THE car every 14 yr old in the country fantasized about after the
    James Bond movie. Car go underwater with girl inside it, oh yeah. Later,
    when Back to the Future came out, it was the Delorean. 

  2. 鎌田航輔 says:
  3. sjjacksonvideo says:

    Nice. I have a ’77 that was “rescued” and needs everything. I really love
    the S1 Esprit, but don’t think I’m going to be putting this car back to its
    full glory and am working on selling it.

  4. Hi there i have a lotus esprit s1, and i was wondering if i could find out
    who did the respray for you…and the engine rebuild…and possibly more
    and do you have a contact or email ….thank you…CAL,

  5. Lea South says:

    Γεια σας φίλο, από μία πρώην κάτοικος της Αμμοχώστου Superb record of your
    restoration job Constantine! I’m a friend of DC the previous owner and have
    known the car for the 25 years, I helped remove the body so that original
    chassis could be cleaned and galvanised & I’m one of the few people who has
    driven it towed it and been a passenger in it! Great rad job & triple fan
    cooling system & the body work and original upholstery job is pure magic!
    Take care of that fussy original engine ;-) Chris

  6. It Genetics Limited says:

    really enjoying your video log. Having owned an S3 and an M100 – I am in
    love with the Lotus mark. I would live to do what you are doing.

  7. LnLproductions811 says:

    who would dislike this? youve done an amazing job on bringing back a great
    car. props

  8. tangoblonde says:

    This car is now sold.

  9. TechNoir87 says:

    The body of the car looks like it’s from the early 80s, ahead of it’s time!

  10. Norman Hay says:

    My Brother Dougie once owned this car.He would love to get in contact with
    yourself,Take it you are aware Richard Hammond was driving your car on The
    Top Gear James Bond special.Norman Hay Aberdeen Scotland.

  11. chris john says:


  12. Kirk Conway says:

    the bond esprit S-1 was in the blue fabric. but I LIKE THE WAY YOU DID

  13. Matthew Oxley says:

    Excelent work Coz very well done I cant wait to see the car in the flesh

  14. Beautiful car!

  15. Love the video, but I would rather listen to ambience sounds or even the
    engine…had to mute this video, unsufferable music.

  16. john carrasquillo says:

    good car.