Lotus Esprit GT1 race V8

Lotus Espirit

Lotus Esprit GT1 race V8

A Porsche gets its bottom smacked.
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Valentin Barrier says:

    I love BPR !!

  2. Paulysin says:

    The last known Esprit GT1/GT2 car is for sale right now got to
    racecarsdirect ‘dot’ com to see it..

  3. dojOdRiFTeR says:

    my ass a lotus is better than porsche they all suck porsche whoop that
    little turd aany day

  4. Fair enough the Lotus would be the car I’d choose and it was faster than
    the Porsche but who stayed on the track?!!

  5. Warhead3000 says:

    Apparently the rear of the car was on fire at this stage and the
    transmission or engine locked up. A few seconds later you see the driver
    running away from the car. Not sure what caused the fire but the new V8 had
    many problems. The previous 4 pot esprit sport 300 was much more
    sucsessful, wining British GT chamionship in 1994 and with Zanardi mixing
    it with the Mclaren F1′s at silverstone and beating them, in addition to
    F40′s and 911′s but the gearbox gave out 8 minutes towards the end

  6. morbidlyobese88 says:

    I enjoy how he phrases “gets its bottom smacked”

  7. FrikZz0r says:

    While watching the video, I was thinking about this same Esprit in Gran
    Turismo 2 and how it’s god damn hard to keep it under control and how it
    always manages to fail me in last corner and spins out. And there, it
    happens in the video as well :) Despite that, I still love this car.

  8. PaulGreenleaf says:

    What a weird spin. He was too hot, but never even tried to make the turn.
    Really weird!

  9. Julio Cesar says:

    Sick Lotus Esprit GT1 V8 T.T Race Car !!!! Those Factory Esprit GT1 compete
    against McLaren F1 and other AWESOME cars…. Very thought competition
    guys! Unfortunatelly not so reliable but AWESOME cars anyawy… I want one
    !!!! :)

  10. Ben Gibson says:

    Completely agree. Compression lock made the rears lose traction. Love that

  11. Straightsix76 says:

    @wraith01mg The seal between the liner and the block failed on pre 98 cars
    because Lotus used the wrong sealant which broke down if an engine over
    heated, not because the ‘liner was weak’. This issue was resolved when they
    switched from Loctite sealant to Hylomar

  12. revolutionday1 says:

    That’s a mid-engined car, for ya’. Instant psycho-steer.

  13. ppappixx says:

    That’s a mistake he shouldn’t have made. He down-shifted too fast on the
    last shift.

  14. meanboy2000 says:

    while I appreciate your enthusiam for Lotus, I did a little research and
    found that car Porsche being passed is in a different race classification.
    I believe the direct competition was the Porsche 911 GT1.

  15. zpolukuchka says:

    the big wing on the porsche must be slowing it down