Lotus Esprit, Celica Scam, Audi R8 Spyder -Fast Lane Daily-

Lotus Espirit

Lotus Esprit, Celica Scam, Audi R8 Spyder -Fast Lane Daily-

New Lotus release dates, an Audi drops its top, and a Porsche is caught outside of FLD’s LA offices. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis. Visit http://feed.fastlanedai…
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Syed Tasin says:


  2. mythical89 says:

    I laugh inside whenever I see someone driving around in a PT Loser. It
    gives me happiness to know other people are getting screwed even harder
    than I am in this world.

  3. BIOGENA says:

    screw those Windows Vista fools that said it was great -.- a friend that
    works at microsoft told me those were all hired We cant be certain the
    windows they were using was “Vista” because they never shoot at them using
    it. Maybe it was a beta of windows seven, it looks the same as vista at the
    moment but works different. If those guys were dumb enough not to recognize
    vista (even wallmart displays PCs with it) they will notice no difference.
    Try it in your home pc to c if it runs as smooth -.-

  4. ztunelover says:

    haha porsche is taking nissan seriously with the new gt-r.

  5. arabrockerman says:

    i got an early version of vista and it totally sucks but i liked it the
    first time i used it it just crashes alot and quits working with programs
    such as itunes and realplayer after a month then you got to delete and
    reinstall its garbage plus i have 1gb of ram which i thought was plenty
    cause the xp computer that didn’t have that much ram and it never stalled
    and shut down so if anyones smart don’t get vista i want to get an apple
    when i get the money saved again.

  6. Dan Szeto says:

    Very Fresh episode!!

  7. mclaren911 says:

    yooo Derek D.!!! that house/dance music was chillin bud, what was the track
    title? you should come down to London UK if you wanna club like that man,
    pumpin the fist all night long…. halla if you’re down..

  8. Would you prefer to pay a subscription? Didn’t think so. The other option
    is that you could produce an automotive news show for free with no

  9. FJ Cruisers are the shit! Sadly my V-Dubs in the shop, so ive been driving
    my dads FJ around while hes on vacation. SO LUXURIOUS, SO HIGH UP, and SO
    FUCKING POWERFUL! couldnt fit it in the parking lot at work though.. only
    downside to that is walking a couple extra feet to work.

  10. MasterXred says:


  11. allanferns says:

    wots the name of the Benny Benassi song DD is dancing to at the end?

  12. juststuBC says:

    hahaha automatic!

  13. dumb ass wats up derek d wat r u a smoker now!?

  14. chocolatebar2009 says:

    american cars are shit they cant corner

  15. imthunder says:

    hahahaha, Automatic Celica…

  16. elsquibbs says:

    Yeah sure, djott. I have a rocketship that runs on elf tears.

  17. vippir1221 says:

    your not Derek D.

  18. dahGnote says:

    haha 16 thousand to mod a auto celica…thats retarded you can spend like
    5000 and you got a great looking celica

  19. Tommy Hediaka says:

    Anyway Guys, visit DiscPalace . com ,you must be like it =)

  20. Daney Chhang says:

    Those people were using windows ME on a Macpro..lol…booo vista!!! If i
    didnt need it on my precious mac for all my car design softwares Id throw
    windows out the window (intended). Im sick and tired of it crashing every
    chance it gets.. And guess what, i have a freakin xbox 360 that is also
    crap. The infamous “red rings” happened to me twice and now my Xbox live
    doesnt even want to be redeemed. Microsoft = EPIC FAIL!!!