Lotus Elise Wreck (in car video)

Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise Wreck (in car video)

In car video from my Lotus Elise wreck earlier this year. The audio never cut out, I just took the volume down so you couldn’t hear my wife screaming. The ca…
Lotus Elise Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Quickhandedpanda says:

    well, at least it was a slower speed accident with only a railing, thank
    goodness not with an SUV or something!! glad you are okay, cars are

  2. Nice ad for a Honda S2000.

  3. Aaron Maughan says:

    If the engine is behind you, stay on the gas!

  4. notice the dents in the metal barrier – me thinks you are not on your own
    at ending up in it. Light weight car vs silly road design = crash. Just
    look at how quick it let go. No chance of saving it. Everyone would have
    ended up crashing that car. No bad driving in this clip – just a bit of bad
    look. My mates Lotus 2 eleven is even worst for that kind of thing.

  5. how come the airbag didnt deploy? how much did the insurance company give u?

  6. Maciek Shyha says:

    @Reiffan couldn’t agree more though I’m less experienced driving such cars
    than the author of this film. Seems like it’s also quite light in the back,
    more throttle seems to be a good idea, but obviously, before hitting this
    bump ;) I wonder… the speed wasnt too high? How much was it?

  7. @wiggity08 I agree that this shouldn’t have been a write off. The front
    clam etc isn’t that expensive or difficult to replace (caption blames body
    panel and labour rates – the optional hard top costs more than a
    replacement front clam) although there may have been internal damage as
    well (radiator, wheels, etc)

  8. peelovesbeca says:

    “Why didnt the man in the car in front not crash daddy?” “Aaahem, he is a
    better driver”

  9. You could have killed your wife you ignorant over grown child, you’re to
    old to be playing these games in the street.

  10. marselino254 says:

    here in the netherlands wy call the lotus a deadtrip;)

  11. So because it hit a guardrail YOU JUNKED IT?????

  12. rossyboy51288 says:

    @AClRCLEOFLlGHT NEVER turn away? How on Earth do you think people manage to
    catch the back end sliding on a car?

  13. kryptongreen says:

    @zenabilo The federalized Elise/Exige have airbags as I believe it was a
    requirement for US sale. I asked the Lotus USA rep who came to evaluate the
    car for insurance why they didn’t deploy, he said they were designed to
    deploy in a head on collision, not a collision at angle such as this.

  14. SirtubalotTX says:

    Ouch.. I will say the driver kept his cool. I do like these cars though..
    someone I work with just got one and I’m starting to like it.

  15. agnostos1000 says:

    You know, it sucks, but you can always give the wrecked elise to me….

  16. No no no , he can play games BUT by him self only….in a track…