Lotus Elise


WEIGHT:- 760Kg max ENGINE:- 1.9Ltr 20 valves V.A.G Hybrid Garrett GT30 Turbo Motec Engine Management.
Lotus Elise Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. LeoYoungMusic says:

    If jebus was a car he would be that lotus

  2. Andre Sousa says:

    i’m a fan of this car man

  3. Dean Nichols says:

    lotus elise FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ImminghamBoyz says:

    you really don’t no fuk all do you

  5. are you serious?.. u think i didn’t know that.. i just thought with the way
    that the Lotus carved them that the other cars might be NA tuned.. which
    there are some.. but not alot.. u got me there.. but i still prolly know
    more bout carz then u haha

  6. scoobyfan2009 says:

    I think a EVO…. but not sure… hard to tell from this view.

  7. Andrew Webster says:

    Nope… I have gone for a TFSi with approx 330bhp and 380lbft torque… get
    it back in about 6 weeks so is a long conversion to carry out but will be
    an absolute monster performance wise… The I have to learn how to drive
    the damn thing ha ha… I did consider the Supercharged Honda but I love
    Turbo power delivery even if perhaps not the best for a track. Cheers, Andy

  8. woodymcruk says:

    fast car,but can i point out that its 500kg lighter than the scooby thats
    half a ton,so its bound to haul ass,and a turbo to…,after being driven
    around in one a while back,you really do feel like your arse is about 2inch
    from road,wonder if lotus wqould eventuly do a 4×4 of this or the evora

  9. KakkoiGuy1 says:

    My goodness that thing is eating up some pavement!

  10. XFactor2005 says:

    @TheAristotleQ WOAH sorry man I thought it was a stock motor MY BAD PIMP
    don’t get all but hurt because i misread the description…. Anyway Celica
    or VW engine it don’t matter that bitch is fast as hell!

  11. ninmar1000 says:

    @kraks11 I think it went airborne a bit. Tires came off the ground.

  12. Antonio Marin says:

    1zz is vvti……2zz VVTLI

  13. @IDrinkN20 It is mate, ive seen this very car race in the UK timeattack
    series. Its Gugliemi motorsports race car, a yellow series 1 elise with
    motorsport clams running a modified audi/vw/seat VAG engine. Non of the
    engines i mentioned are standard lotus fitted engines, there all

  14. miniindianajones123 says:

    i love lotus elise very mutch

  15. think it was knockhill (TIMEATTACK) i watched this race there anyway.
    Amazing car, those evos/skyline/imprezza are 800/900bhp, think elise is
    360bhp ish? It came 2nd in the Pro series. Timeattack is racing against the
    clock tho, so hence the elise is on a fast lap where as the others wont be!

  16. o0XoJoRdANoX0o says:

    seen this elise at modified live 09 at brands hatch FUKING BEAST OF A CAR

  17. lol the subaru held out the longest

  18. Angel Fresco says:

    what is the orange car

  19. This car sounds like evo. Sounds like 4g63 with FP red/black turbo and
    HKS272 cams

  20. that was intense…

  21. Martin Dixon says:

    I could listen to this all day

  22. This Knock Hill?

  23. David Stewart says:

    was this in knockhill

  24. YIKES!

  25. CappaDriver says:

    @ltlocus yeah its a celica. but finely tuned and supersexy