Fifth Gear – Lotus Evora S vs Porsche 911 C2S

Lotus Evora

Fifth Gear – Lotus Evora S vs Porsche 911 C2S

Fifth Gear – Lotus Evora S vs Porsche 911 C2S Channel5 Thanks for watching.
Lotus Evora Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. She said it was the cheapest 911, which is wrong. The Carrera is the
    cheapest, the S is the next trim.

  2. Alex Soulstein says:

    *yawn* Porsche. I’ve lost interest in 911s, Gallardos, 458s and GTRs. Give
    me Lotus, BAC, Morgan etc anyday

  3. Constantine Soulellis says:

    At the end of the day there is a 911 on every block. Seeing an Evora is a

  4. Claudio Mihaila says:

    what can do the 911 turbo. four my it’s the most complete sport car

  5. Joshua Ciardelli says:

    Maybe with a few more laps and more confidence in your braking you could
    have beaten the 911 by more. It seems a little bias came into play since
    you had fast laps in each with only a 0.2% difference in lap times yet you
    went on about how the 911 was faster throughout the Evora lap. Also being
    the lower of the two in price by a fair margin gives some good thumbs up to
    Lotus on the build.. The interior doesn’t look so bad either, though I’m a

  6. Pe Peroni says:

    with 340ps this is no S

  7. FelixAtrox says:

    Why would you choose gears based on another car?! No wonder it doesn’t feel

  8. Hubert Cumberdale says:

    @BeBobFerrari99 I kind of get where your coming from. Especially when she
    says that she is taking the Lotus through the corners on the same gear
    numbers as the Porsche. Instead of by feel and how the car handles corners
    at higher speeds. I would rather see her push the cars to the limit then
    kind of tip toe around the corners. Maybe she has restrictions because the
    cars are being lent to the show on good faith in which case I can
    understand why she was taking it easy around the bends.

  9. CarCultureChannel says:

    @vizitas69 like kza7 said, at 0:41 they show the badge “Carrera” also… no
    “s” there :)

  10. WACKYSWiiMER says:

    why is a women driving

  11. CarCultureChannel says:

    @kza7 Nice spot ;)

  12. cardude1992 says:

    not a carrera s :)

  13. TeeBee997 says:

    C’mon! It has got 340 bhp so its a Carrera not an S

  14. WowzaBoyz says:

    Well there ya go. Why would you choose the same gears in a different car….

  15. exige s with a v6 will do more work

  16. Great review! I love the Lotus cars but not their price!! If I want to buy
    a track day car, it’s easy to buy a better one with that money AND on the
    other hand if I want a better all around car for short trips and ocasional
    track duty there is a lot of better options too for this price. The Evora S
    should cost about the same of a standart Cayman ( not S). Then I woul buy

  17. Resnorth says:

    Evora vs 911? stupid english. Boxster is a competitor. 911 is on top level,
    higher that all yours aston martins and jaguars.

  18. TheGREENLASE says:

    its the basic carrera vs the evora s…..and i think once again the germans
    are far ahead in engine and technology…..much more sophisticated the
    porsche a ‘double-faced’ car luxurious,better engined[boxer
    punch-atmosphere n o t turbo!] but very expensive car.the lotus is the
    cheaper[and very impressive but more track oriented substitute…..not as
    user friendly as a porsche…..

  19. MrBigolnuts says:

    “creamy delicious engine”? cooking show? I think not, slap some hairy balls
    on that one.

  20. Still she can’t drive.

  21. give me a 911 any day

  22. Trades46 says:

    I think she slipped her tongue when she said Carrera S. It a standard

  23. Andrew Sells says:

    She is so annoying.