Escort RS Cosworth vs Lotus Esprit V8

Lotus Espirit

Escort RS Cosworth vs Lotus Esprit V8

From “Jeremy Clarkson’s – Unleashed On Cars”
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Lotus Espirit question by clay: What cars look similar to the DeLorean?
I’m looking for a car that has a similar LOOK to the DeLorean, Lotus Espirit, etc, I don’t really care if it has a stainless steel body, gull-wing doors, or anything too similar. I am just looking for something that sits low to the ground like the DeLorean, but is not too expensive. Any ideas? Any questions?

Lotus Espirit best answer:

Answer by jason
a lowered civic.

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  1. You are statement? What’s that supposed to mean?

  2. @nicholasthetaylor No, its just running a Lotus is not expensive, not
    compared to other vehicles.

  3. @Mr80Sxman In the UK, Lotus V8′s can be had for £16000, Escort Cosworths

  4. Silverarrow says:

    @Sonny Fish Don’t be as the Lotus cost more. You get good value from the

  5. graemeoliver84 says:

    @ytcf71 I take it you’ve owned those cars?

  6. Nbuilder1 says:

    @GTIjosh1 The cozzie can be tuned to beat the Lotus.

  7. graemeoliver84 says:

    @ytcf71 I think you would end up spending much more on the Lotus in the
    long run. They are very temperamental cars and weren’t designed to be run
    on the cheap.

  8. miksirikoitsen says:

    @GTIjosh1 Its not about being fair. Its about being fast.

  9. @kingcobra101z Why would you think it would win?? It has far less power,
    its heavier, more lag, less torque, and is not rear wheel drive/mid engined
    = Weight over the driven wheels.

  10. By reading your idiotic comment I can easily tell that you have never
    driven one and is just full of shit.

  11. Stealthgato says:

    @MrSennagod You are just mad because you know I’m right. Angry nerd kid.

  12. I’d rather have the lotus tbh.

  13. so then you wouldn’t know how the grip was in them … I had no problem in
    the Z06 … but don’t get me wrong I’m not an Americana fanboy who puts a
    8.4L engine with 40hp/L in a car with worse suspension than a Fiesta and
    thinks it’s the best thing ever …. And I’d pick this Cosworth over the
    Z06 xD + I don’t wanna be in the same group as these 2 -.-’

  14. kingcobra101z says:

    @ytcf71 I thought it was lighter and awd also didn’t know just how much
    power the lotus made.

  15. theberengersniper says:

    @GTIjosh1 At what point was this ever meant to be fair? The entire point of
    this segment was to show that in the grand scheme of things a standard
    Cosworth isn’t *that* fast.

  16. no your quite right i havent driven 1, i have no intentions of driving 1
    either, ive seen how they drive and i wouldnt wanna waste my time on
    1… pick a mobility scooter over a ZO6

  17. SirChurchilluk says:

    probably would ive had both sti and cosworth and an evo 6 , infact 2 evos
    silver and white the cosworth was de tuned to 220bhp for uk emissions , and
    the sti didnt need be , or evo , if you think im full of shit my user name
    on scoobynet was swishovbolton i think it was that long ago , on
    lancerregister it was stevoevo6 i think and also swishovbolton , jsut
    google em , if you put all 3 cars to 300bhp , with evo would be winner if
    im honest but then again its down to driver ,

  18. graemeoliver84 says:

    @ytcf71 Oh, only if like 99% of people you don’t have a virtually limitless
    supply of money. But it clearly seems you do, so good for you.

  19. you have just read my comment where i was rippin into a ZO6 you fool, dont
    you think its quite fuckin obvious i dont own 1 of the shit ridden things,
    it has fuck all to do with money its all down to stupidity, given a few
    weeks i could get the cash together to buy a vette, but it will take much
    longer to develope the stupidity to do it

  20. @TAppo2k9 um ford = America, even though it was not sold there. Tiers are
    everything man and real drives know how to control wheel spin.

  21. dolofonos says:

    Boasting comparisons between muscle cars and and exotics are idiotic from
    either side.

  22. SANDSCORCHER says:

    And then the gearbox broke and the Escort drove off home whistling a happy
    tune to itself.

  23. Simon Slaytor says:

    vw scirocco mk1