Boxster S vs Elise vs S2000 Touge Test & Track Battle – Best Motoring International

Lotus Elise

Boxster S vs Elise vs S2000 Touge Test & Track Battle – Best Motoring International

Go to for more car videos and content. Drift King Tsuchiya tests how good the Euro sport cars are against the S2000 on the touge.
Lotus Elise Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. i would gladly take a S2000 over a Corvette any day

  2. Corvette pure garbage.. Lmfao

  3. Like Tsuchiya is asking, anyone here knows what the small little bulb in
    Corvette’s headlight for? :) 

  4. Robert Bowling says:

    what the hell is that thing in the passenger seat??

  5. Mike Moran says:

    Ah, man. I would love to know what Tsuchiya has to say about the early
    model second generation MR2 Turbo. I recently lost one in a crash at an
    intersection and I’ve been thinking if I should get another one or not. I’m
    not that incredible a driver and it has a reputation for being dangerous at
    the limit.

    The opinion of a master like Tsuchiya would be so nice to have. His
    endorsement of the Elise really makes me think about it even though these
    cars are way above my budget (I do not do loans and I already own a
    practical car in my 2000 Saab 9-3, I simply want a second car because
    Japanese sports roadsters are so fun to have.)

    If I’m not mistaken the Elise was a joint venture between Lotus and Toyota.

  6. Gta 5?

  7. DFKnightmare says:

    How would the e46 M3 fair here with mild brake upgrades?

  8. EvoPower2010 says:


  9. Hermy Rivas says:

    fuckin stupid, that’s a V8 pc if shit

  10. nlimskater says:

    The person driving is so biased towards his s2000 wtf

  11. The vette isn’t even in the same class as the S2000, it is much closer to a

  12. Trantdiggity says:

    wonder how the lotus would have done on the track being down on the power?

  13. 8:38 Epic!

  14. shadowiz96 says:

    The hachiroku of europe should be the lotus esprit instead, they were 90%
    the same…and weighs less than a tonne.

  15. Ethan Hensley says:

    Never thought about it but we Americans don’t have a nice roadster we just
    turn other crap into convertibles 

  16. Standard stuff from this Jap spec review. Using manual transmission for the
    Jap cars and Auto’s for everything else to give the jap cars an immediate
    advantage. I haven’t even seen the laps on track yet but I’m guessing the
    Jap cars will come up trumps. Mean while, in the real world…

  17. Darkmaster69002 says:

    What is this for an object on the passanger driving Seat ? E.G. In the
    First minutes in this Video ? Thx

  18. Brian William says:

    What a country!

  19. shadowiz96 says:

    that’s right, takumi’s 86′s full potential is when its cornering at