Amiga – Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Intro + last race)

Lotus Espirit

Amiga – Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Intro + last race)

Awesome racer! didnt care for the music though.
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. amiga chris says:

    Pity these guys didn’t do outrun – lotus shows how awesome the amiga was.

  2. Tom Andersen says:

    Absolutely loved this game. Liked the music, too lol.

  3. Leonardo Cerbaro says:

    That license! :P

  4. kakashibelmont says:

    It’s like Top Gear music played in Doom! Awesome game

  5. 100% right!!!!!!

  6. The sound of the tyres screetching…gotta love it!

  7. this game is the father of top

  8. Monthagny says:

    Yo were born in 92? That means your like 15 or 16? I’m sure this game was
    released in 1990.

  9. ThrilloVanHouten says:

    Damn, looks pretty close to SNES graphics, and definitely better than a

  10. i had forgotten how quick the racing was!

  11. I remember sending away and actually getting that license for completing
    the game… It arrived about 6 months later, and was an A4 sheet with some
    crap written about completing the game. it was the coolest thing i owned at
    10/11 yrs old!

  12. janmansde3dede says:

    @edstremel its the other way around, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge came two
    years before top gear.

  13. did the guys at the bottom ever fix that car?

  14. I had great times with this game…tks for this video

  15. Rofl! Ayrton Sendup! I forgot about that.. This was so awesome in 2 player
    mode.. The sequels were very disappointing though.. :/ Awesome driving
    music too..

  16. ZroDfects says:

    A game that is about 20 years old still faster than any racer today with no
    frame rate skip …. Only Amiga can do it…. I played this day and
    night… Even better with 2 players…. Fuckin awesome, we need Lotus 4..
    but not polygon graphics shit just pixel art would be sweet as…. Have the
    same people do the music…