2013 Lotus Esprit Paris Promo

Lotus Espirit

2013 Lotus Esprit Paris Promo

The Lotus bonanza continues as the company has unveiled the £110,00 Esprit revival. Set to go on sale in 2013, the car features an aggressive front bumper, L…
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Fucking hell i love the orig lotus esprit but this looks amazing what a car


  3. that car is the SEX

  4. forgot about urraco but damn my bad Xd

  5. likea whispr says:

    Range rover is a maintenance nightmare. Mclaren with its pricey gizmos is a
    shop car waiting to happen as well. The Lotus Esprit of old had a rep of
    breaking, poor quality, etc… I don’t trust Lotus any farther than I can
    throw them. Give it up guys… Let Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, etc., make
    cars and you Lotus, just focus on bringing new and interesting technology
    to the table. ;) . If lLotus is going to come back, it will have to come
    back really hard and strong (like Lamborghini did w

  6. Real engineering is done at Lotus: more companies out there use their
    engineering concepts and designs than you think. The original Esprit was a
    brilliant car, and if this almost all in-house design is done well, the 458
    and Gallardo will need to watch their back. Compared to everything out
    there though, the Esprit looks amazing

  7. burstatwhonet says:

    Green exterior, grey microfiber interior, paddle shifters, combusting di
    ethyl malonate, This is how I’d like mine unless better suggested.

  8. @sudipto891989 kinda contradicting yourself there as, the only reason
    people will buy this is because of the brand and not the car, because lets
    be realistic it will be inferior to those other cars in almost every

  9. @HobosHungry Want to make a video? I’ve been dying to see this car up close

  10. remember… the old esprit had that square, sharp supercar look BEFORE
    lambos did

  11. you dont own either one so pls stfu

  12. From it’s Styling to what i believe will be Awsome!! performance .it will
    come up big.

  13. cliffthelightning says:

    Just re-use the old one… this looks like a gallardo

  14. astonishing design

  15. Fuming Nitric says:

    @steviegbcool …there are lots of people who chose car not for the brand
    but for the car…to some of us..nothing makes better sense than a
    lotus….pricing be done as per the car…and there are lots of alternative
    car buyers.. who try to differ from crowd….sorry mate..u must know what a
    proper big lotus mean to many

  16. takeMeWithYoou says:

    @DaSoggyWaffles HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, no. bro just no.

  17. 0:59 you don’t really expect me to see the back with that right?

  18. compare this car to saleen s5s raptor they look even more alike than

  19. ferrari is pop!!! lotus – zer good!!!

  20. @Foxx1981 oh yeah, it looks just like that mid engine lexus that does not