2010 Lotus Evora by Sky Motoring – presented by Inside Line

Lotus Evora

2010 Lotus Evora by Sky Motoring – presented by Inside Line

2010 Lotus Evora First Drive by Sky Motoring – presented by Edmunds’ Inside Line For Sky Motoring Article: http://motoring.sky.com/car-reviews/evora.aspx For…
Lotus Evora Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. damnyou1888 says:

    It’s called the sports package… wow!

  2. Alos Diallo says:

    I like it

  3. sportfuryman says:

    kinda reminds me of an old nxs similar hp as well

  4. koukicrisp says:

    I wonder if the Evora S will be supercharged? If so that thing will be

  5. Would of been better of it was more powerful or less weight. Not to mention
    the price.

  6. i second that thought … feels a bit annoying but that new lotus is a bit
    awkard but i bet it would attract attention, lol

  7. greywolf107 says:

    what a useless fucking car

  8. I don’t think I would buy this over an Elise

  9. 1973MaseratiBora says:

    I like this car alot. Low weight, low power, great dynamics and handling.
    It makes me think of the original NSX. Daily driver “supercars” are just

  10. Callum claims that they look similar to each other due to safety
    regulations, which is a total crap. Don’t get me wrong. I like the styling
    of these cars, but I must reiterate how critical it is for car
    manufacturers, especially exclusive/low-volume manufacturers, to uphold
    their unique brand. The Lotus Elise/Exige did this well by looking,
    sounding and handling like a fly insect on Ritalin. This Tesla Evora
    whatchamadinky doesnt.

  11. spdfreak1784 says:

    There are soooo many nicer engines!

  12. “Evora”!? Lotus is definitely running out of “E” names

  13. hajimekishi says:

    love the way the glovebox opens, lol

  14. PandehPropaganda says:

    @Molo9000 I couldn’t have put that in better words myself.

  15. consumedbyfire13 says:

    @Molo9000 Porsche developed a tank for Hitler?!

  16. are u retarted..they made it as light as it could be

  17. If there’s a mid engine. I wonder what’s inside the “frontal box” (where’s
    usually the engine). anyone knows? i searched for pics but nothing… only
    the “rear box” (lil bit small)…

  18. He used the exact same “Norfolk shed” line to describe the Exige years ago

  19. i agree!

  20. @spdfreak1784 I know the price seem crazy expensive and maybe it isnt worth
    that. But for somebody who is addicted to steering feel, God knows best,
    but this car maybe what he wants. I think the price of this car is more for
    involvment than pure numbers…I could be wrong though…take care:)

  21. dream on american

  22. spdfreak1784 says:

    so u comment just to bash me? i came on here to talk about the car, not to
    bash everyone about their opinions. The internet is the greatest tool we
    all have to voice what we believe in. If you dont agree with what i am
    saying, that is completely fine. But just because you say that you like
    this car, im not gonna hate on you. Way to go ass hole. and ignorant?
    because i know what 70,000 dollars is worth in the world? No way can you
    justify the price of this car on the market.

  23. Диванный иксперд! Срочно вводить войска! says:

    Esprit been prooved! 2011 There are already Lotus computer scatches! Search
    in Google if you want: “lotus esprit 2011″ (pictures)

  24. johnny tram says:

    Japanese engine with euro body and suspension. cant beat that.

  25. The US has been behind virtually all the worlds highest technological
    advances? Wow, so the US discovered geometry, algebra, penicillin, the jet
    engine, X rays, fire, the wheel, the arch, gravity, relativity, atomic
    fission, gunpowder, internal combustion engine, steam engine, analogue and
    electronic computer? The history books are all wrong… re-write them at
    once because the American’s got there first. NOT. Talk about over inflated