2010 Lotus Elise vs. 2000 Lotus Esprit

Lotus Espirit

2010 Lotus Elise vs. 2000 Lotus Esprit

The Smoking Tire visits the beautiful Ojai valley with two of Lotus’s finest cars, the Elise and the Esprit. Matt Farah hits the canyons to find out how the …
Lotus Espirit Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jason suttle says:

    I have 2 Esprit’s.. an 88 turbo and a 97 twin turbo V8.. The V8 has the
    Lotus red race ecu and a boost controller set at 15psi It makes 418rwhp and
    404rwtq.. (roughly 500hp) And on the scales at ennis it weighs 2,780lbs…
    It has been absolutely reliable for the 10k miles I’ve put on it.. and will
    out run a Ferrari F430 and a C6 Z06 with ease.. 

  2. Looks like a wannabe Nissan 300zx haha 100k, what a joke/waste of money.
    Not to mention the 300zx was early 90′s.

  3. Tucker Fellows says:

    “It had the highest horsepower of any V8 in 2000….twin turbos tend to
    help with that….” Lmao

  4. Brian Lee says:

    The Elise, I love the car, but to be completely honest, the Elise can be
    too small if you’re 6’2 or taller.

  5. Unkwon Malaysian Guy says:

    v8? O.0
    sounds more like a turbochaged v6 

  6. Jon Anderson says:


  7. starion rule says:

    old school

  8. Ander Pendragon says:

    Esprit’s are pieces of shit. Good call on parking it before it broke. The
    Elise, and Exige, are great cars. The Lotus Elan, is one of the greatest
    sport cars of all time.

  9. ESPRIT looks cooler

  10. QuickSTi2011 says:

    I have a 2002 Esprit and couldn’t be happier. I drove an Elise and the ride
    is back breakingly horrible. Only time the Esprit is unreliable is if you
    try to hit 0-60 in 4.4

  11. Christian Borchert says:

    Neither, 1991 Lotus Elan

  12. cameron covington says:


  13. The Esprit is my all time favorite car

  14. Masterokaslt3000 says:


  15. Sadoc Munoz says:

    the stick shift is what makes any car superior to any other type.

  16. Matthew Braun says:

    If I could fit the elise and it had a stereo, I would probably go for it…
    mostly cuz I think it looks way cooler!!! I don’t know what Matt was
    talking about! Haha!

  17. DelroyGrant says:

    u guys shud compare the 03 cobra vs the new mustang

  18. I can’t stop laughing at the in-car shot of Matt @ 5:06. It’s like he’s
    crammed into the kid’s seat of a shopping cart. Imagine if that was his
    daily driver. God, that would be HILARIOUS.

  19. JDStone Creations says:

    Personally, i wouldnt choose either of those particular models. I’d get an
    Esprit, but id get the GT3 version. It was the last Esprit with a four-pot,
    except it was turbocharged to (about) 240bhp. Yes, less than the V8, but
    crucially, you could use the power without ruining the clutch, and even
    better, it was almost 150kg lighter. Looked better too with the special GT3
    bodykit on it :P

  20. elise, all the way