2009 Porsche Cayman S vs. 2010 Lotus Evora: A Duel in Death Valley

Lotus Evora

2009 Porsche Cayman S vs. 2010 Lotus Evora: A Duel in Death Valley

One could argue that mid-engine cars make the best sports cars. After all, most of the top-level racecars like the multi-million dollar LeMans Prototypes and…
Lotus Evora Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Lotus Evora question by Nitesh K: What good Japanese sport car should i get.?
First. It has to be able to hold 4 people have two doors give 20 mpg in the city have at least 250 horspower be a rearwheel drive and be a very good looking car

Lotus Evora best answer:

Answer by David Tscherne
Have your considered the Lexus SC430. It’s expensive, but you can get a pretty good price on a used one. You might want to check out www.AutoComps.com. It’s free. They have comp prices on lots of used cars and trucks. You can even save your results to your own personal list for easy comparison.

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  1. Leonard Necatu says:

    @BraycoMicronic give it too me please:))

  2. indigo_blue says:

    Who knew a Toyota Camry engine can be so exciting?

  3. Josiah Badiali says:

    Wow, a Porsche fan who cannot even spell Porsche….

  4. Driftuner says:

    @JohnHenryRoca their faults? ill give u 2 faults: i dont havea cayman, and
    i dont have a evora…the worst 2 faults i could find so far…

  5. lastmiles says:

    I bought a Cayman S. The equity of a Porsche is just so stable and they
    seem to keep running smooth for years and years.

  6. Douglas Fung says:

    I like the Evora sooooo much !! It’s unbelievable to have a Lotus around
    that’s so refined.

  7. Cayman folks. The reliability and build quality on Lotus’s is garbage. Buy
    one of those things and you’ll spend half your time waiting in the
    dealership for your car that you paid ALL that money for to get fixed .
    That’s after you find a dealership.

  8. @2trips ________The motor, yes. The rest of the Lotus is garbage.

  9. Lotus is 275 HP and Porsche Cayman S is 320 HP. There is your answer. The
    Porsche Cayman R has 330 HP and is the best handling street legal car in
    the USA. There is one for sale in Livermore, CA at the Porsche dealer with
    only 10,000 miles for $63K. Cheers!

  10. bri4u2906 says:

    would lov car.e to have the evora as my every day

  11. lightsodda says:

    Beautiful landscape

  12. golfguy11800 says:

    @Murcielago247 *4.8 seconds not 3.8* BIG difference. Cheers

  13. mauro zedda says:


  14. evora is slow..

  15. nielsboex says:

    I’ll take the Cayman

  16. Turbulence654321 says:

    good power for a Lotus. i really like it, but I would prefer the Porsche

  17. Renaissance Man says:

    @pm512 try telling that to my uncle who bought a gt3 new from porsche and
    had EVERY problem imaginable go wrong with it. In the end he just traded it
    in a vowed never to buy a porsche again. Sure, not a cayman, but porsche
    are not bulletproof for reliability

  18. alfamonk says:

    I’ll take an Evora S. Thanks Santa

  19. I went to Aston Martin and Lotus today. Saw the rapide and evora. Both are
    magnificently beautiful. Evora has a tuned Toyota engine but lotus put
    enough space in to add a turbo (; brilliant engineers.

  20. shinnyspace says:

    cayman is cool car, and with S it gets alltime sporty noise and feel…

  21. pikemancolley says:

    fifth gear raced them and the lotus won easily

  22. cardude1992 says:

    you didnt tell us which one is faster. wth

  23. I’d choose the Lotus Evora instead of the boring Cayman. The Lotus has a
    better engine much newer chassis and styling. Unlike the much dated
    Boxster…opps…. I mean Cayman. Lotus FTW!!!

  24. Wouldn’t that be a Cayman R vs Evora S then? If you care about track times,
    it’s more cost effective to buy a used Cayman S, and put a $10K TPC turbo
    in it to put almost 500hp to the ground. The Evora isn’t great when it
    comes to price VS performance.

  25. Milo O'Neill says:

    Evora needs a more responsive engine (supercharged version out 2011), much
    better gear linkage but most importantly, they need to make it feel like a
    £60,000 car. People will not jump out oy Caymans to buy because the
    interior quality is so poor. BUT, be in no doubt that it’s the best drivers
    car available at the moment, better steering than a 458 italia, sweeter
    chassis that the cayman s…… what’s not to love? Oh… and a Cadillac
    BLS turbo……. behave yourself.

  26. Charlie T says:

    Toyota 4 runner.

  27. pickmefirstplz says:

    Lotus Evora

  28. 2pac 4 lyfe says:

    a honda s2000, or a toyota supra

  29. Fair tax means jobs stay in USA! says:

    Since all Japanese so called sports cars sound like fart cannons I suggest none of them.