“Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax – Top Gear – Series 19 – BBC

Range Rover 2013 Autobiography

“Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax – Top Gear – Series 19 – BBC

James May assesses the new Range Rover at Nevada’s Automotive Test Center for the ultimate challenge against an autonomous military machine – the Terminator …
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Range Rover 2013 autobiography question by Maingate: did range rover suspend production of the new autobiography?
Did Range Rover plant in the UK suspend production of the 2013 Range Rover Autobiography between February and June 2013?

Range Rover 2013 autobiography best answer:

Answer by Skoda John
Not that I have heard of. They finished the Old Range Rover L322 and re-tooled for the L405.
That might be what you are thinking of.

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  1. Tim Moïse says:

    i very more like the ford raptor

  2. Mitch J says:

    The two most *awesome* all-terrain vehicles in the world! Going up
    against each other. #TerraMax #RangeRover 

  3. Shenesh Dissanayaka says:

    whatever I like that Terminator

  4. Sean Bowles says:

    2 words. Ford ranger.

  5. PurpleGreen420 says:

    This is just a Range Rover advertisement.
    Notice how at 5:15 the Range Rover gets dirty then at the next stage at 5:38it’s clean again. To anybody who doesn’t know, this video is clearly
    Nonetheless it was entertaining. 

  6. bradgonewild says:

    The TerraMax probably already won, it just got bored waiting for the
    RangeRover at the finish line and went home.

  7. JohnnyS008 says:

    Extreme Offroad!!


    Military GTR!

  9. Gabriel Sasala says:

    James you should have used a jeep grand Cherokee or a jeep wrangler

  10. Alexander Kogan says:

    Love this bit of top gear. Terrain looks familiar too. 

  11. Hrisnik Praha says:

    I love the car

  12. Project 1776 says:

    Jeep>range rover any day of the week. Tell me, how many people do you see
    offroading (except in top gear) in a range rover? I personally have seen 1,
    and the range rover couldn’t handle it. Save the money youd spend on the
    range rover, buy a Grand Cherokee SRT8 and a Wrangler. One for the track,
    one for offroad, for the price of one useless range rover. :) 

  13. WTF THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON ALREADY?!? 0:16 someone explain this
    nonsense. It was not a light test, because the engine was running

  14. These guys always have high praise for their own crummy Euro trash vehicles.

    Truth is, I’d rather BUY a jeep, than be GIVEN a Land/Range Rover.

  15. Ahmed Elnaggar says:

    Danny, clearly it’s a mistake that you received that reply. No idea why.
    And funny you should just only pick on the fact I, just as figure of
    speech, generalised about a whole population when you totally disregarded
    the disgusting attitude people like that englishmidland lowlife has. Not
    all Brits are lowlifes. I agree. Just as not all muslims are terrorists or
    all French are rude, right? Peace.

  16. mimixownzall says:

    If it were based on looks alone I would choose the Land Rover. But, for
    true off road use I would look elsewhere. My 77 blazer would have destroyed
    this land rover in this competition.

  17. that’s a California car the plates were from LA

  18. ThaHappySauce says:

    I’ll tell you what happened. The terramax drove in and James just said he
    was glad to beat the terramax, enforcing the fact that man is the most
    important component in a car. I think…

  19. Jimi Sizzle says:

    My ZR2 Blazer with some Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ’s would’ve done just as
    well… it wouldn’t need all that technology. :)

  20. Hahah please, “Possibly the greatest offroad vehicle in the world”. It’s
    designed to be used in england, that is, even when off road, the mechanic
    and and the tow truck are never more than 5 minutes away. Reliability makes
    great off roaders, not lots of fancy dials.

  21. chevyllac091 says:

    nope just proves how biased you are and little you know of Jeeps, I have
    been to many off road competitions so I know what both brands can do, u go
    by what you read and not what’s done in the real world, pssh typical
    arrogant European

  22. Михаил Речкунов says:

    You lose!

  23. Cwilliamson93 says:

    Well it hasn’t got the best motoring show so you’re already wrong