“Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax – Top Gear – Series 19 – BBC

Range Rover Ultimate Test

“Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax – Top Gear – Series 19 – BBC

James May assesses the new Range Rover at Nevada’s Automotive Test Center for the ultimate challenge against an autonomous military machine – the Terminator …
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Range Rover ultimate test is listed in the [[ the cops can only catch that car WITH a radio ] Category.
Range Rover ultimate test question by David: Parents are retiring soon.. I wanna get them a decent car.. Wondering your opinions on my choices?
My dad likes European cars, powerful. He drives like he owns the roads and shit sometimes..lol, mom doesn’t care, as long as its safe n luxurious.. So.. my choices so far (All of them will be brand new, fully loaded):

Mercedes Benz CLS550
Jaguar XJ Supercharged

and another option I was considering, is Korean, but I test-drove it. Very impressive car:

Hyundai Equus Ultimate

Overall, I really like the CLS550. The Jag is a close 2nd for me. Only reason I threw the X6 in there, was because my mom prefers 4WD SUV’s and crossovers. My friends told me to get them an X5 or a Range Rover Supercharged, but wayy too many of those on the road these days.
@ Mr. T, I googled the Tesla Model S.. Interesting car. It looks pretty sick. Yea, I’ll do a little more research into that car. But yea, another decent option. Thanks for you imput.

Range Rover ultimate test best answer:

Answer by XTX
=== the Jag XJ with a custom lower body air-brushed 2nd tone is going to stand out and run away from the radio [[ the cops can only catch that car WITH a radio ]] best choice for me …

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