Six-wheel power slide in 4.0-litre V8, Land Rover Discovery

Range Rover Power Wheels

Six-wheel power slide in 4.0-litre V8, Land Rover Discovery

Having recently returned from a journey to Merzouga in the Sahara, Trevor puts his six wheel Land Rover through its paces, with power-slides and skids. Built…
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  1. sattar cagnot says:
  2. its right hand drive and UK registered. look at the reg when it appears to
    be LHD, it will be upside-down. land rover is British so are Carmichael.

  3. hahah tahts brutal and did you see that dog in back of the car ? :D

  4. fake and gay

  5. timfreerider says:

    at 1min 12 how is the spare wheel on the wrong side??? apart from that,
    that is one cool disco you have

  6. Artorius FullPower says:

    i doczego te auto ma sluzyc?

  7. michael bru says:

    Looks like shit

  8. obviously fake

  9. oliverdedonno1 says:

    Doesn’t even look good…

  10. andyovhatfield says:

    Did I miss the powerslide, oh well I’ll know not to check out 6 wheelers

  11. sidewinder76 says:

    I think I missed the powerslide. Shame to ruin a Carmichael to create this.

  12. Engin Dağhan says:

    video editing error I guess. this car is RHD. look at 1.09 – 1.10, the
    driver seems on the left hand side which is wrong either.

  13. ElSpazidente says:

    your video sucks balls and so do you. kill yourself

  14. haydensupra says:

    is he a pikey :L ?

  15. MerzougaDiscovery says:

    Dziękują JA jestem zadowalane wy cieszyliście się (sprawił przyjemność)
    krótkim film (filmowy) Trevor Alder (Ipswich UK)

  16. love the 6 wheel concept

  17. ButherLi55ett says:

    What’s the point of this car, what do the extra wheels/body shape add?

  18. its fake because the side on which the driver drives on changes from an RHD
    to an LHD multiple times through the video