Real Man’s 4WD Track

Land Rover Test

Real Man’s 4WD Track

A Land Rover Defender drives up a “Real Man’s” 4WD track. One brave soul attempted it in a Landcruiser but failed before even getting both sets of wheels on …
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Land Rover test question by 1Son2005: Should I buy a 1992 Land Rover?
I found a Land Rover, it has 119,610 miles on it. It’s a automatic and the 4 x 4 works according to the owner. I haven’t did a test drive yet. The owner says somehow the rear end (bumper) of the truck came off so he has dropped the price to $ 1,000 and it need two tires in the back. He says that since the bumper is gone the car makes a clicking noise. The vehicle would be a second hand car, I’d only drive it once or twice a month. Should I pass or invest and should I worry about fixing the bumper?
THANK YOU ALL!!! I appreciate all your help and I think that I am going to let this vehicle pass. I spoke to a mechanic and he said that without a bumper the truck wouldn’t even pass inspection so that enough for me to cancel the whole deal.

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Answer by Mike S
Hi Dear,

I think you should not buy as it has 119,610 miles on it. by the way you can also try for other dealers for the best.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Shawn Elliott says:

    If you are so “real man” then go down the other side lol. I’m just kidding,
    my PoS 2WD would break down at just the sight of that thing!

  2. Matthew Holmes says:

    Land rover use one of a very similar things at shows as this. Goes to show
    they are the best

  3. mspider12 says:

    I wanna try my sidekick on this.

  4. miguel intas says:

    That’s very cool!!!

  5. ITS Tactical says:

    Land Rover Defender

  6. This isn’t a “real man’s” anything. It’s a safe little test to see whether
    you have a decent clutch and sticky tires. 2WD can do this too; I think an
    old air-cooled VW Beetle could do it. Might need a lower ring gear to make
    it happen, might not.

    Assigning “real man” labels to things is only a writer’s trick, and it’s
    only a label. The things that you do that haven’t been labeled however are
    much more revealing, and the real men don’t give a shit whether other
    people think they’re real men or not.

  7. my butthole was clenched for that whole video. lol

  8. Samniss Arandeen says:

    Props mate. I’d be shitting my pants at the very thought.

  9. Can my Suzuki Swift have a real quick go?

  10. Jan Petržálek says:


  11. Adnan Medic says:

    Did anyone notice a guy right underneath Barbequing??? Throwing shrimp on
    the barbie? ha

  12. SAMSON ThreeHundredAndTwenty says:

    FAKE! there is no driver

  13. Only in Australia.

  14. How does his balls fit inside the vehicle?

  15. David Metcalf says:

    We’d like to discuss using this clip on a TV Show. I’ve just PM-ed you my
    contact details, please can you get in touch. Thanks.

  16. Cameron McNeill says:

    Aw, I thought it was a car with legs… 

  17. RealT Jilla says:

    Pussy shit, I swear I saw them doing the same thing at the Chicago Auto
    Show a few years ago with a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and anybody with a license
    on hand could do it 

  18. Let’s see a ram do this. ha.

    Land Rover! 

  19. Ted Bundy says:

    I see they cut the part where he backs into the fire hydrant

  20. Jason Harmer says:


  21. Damos Mitsaki says:

    Your right back-up light is out.

  22. william bowman says:

    that takes a lot of skill and nerves of steel

  23. Hugh Jass says:

    the guy with balls isn’t the driver, it’s the guy on the left of it workin
    away like nothing tragic could possibly happen to him

  24. Александр Ахалшенов says:

    [sticker GTA]

    +999 driving skill
    +999 agility
    +999 resistance instinct of self-preservation

    makes it possible to break the laws of gravity

  25. Tarmac Turtle says:

    Amazing Land Rover drive :) 

  26. chris at hornchurch says:

    must be in America as over here a 1000$ would not get a land rover with only 120,000 miles on it. more like 160.000.
    hard to say and if you are not sure may be best to leave alone. the ‘ticking noise is worrying.
    sounds as though it may some more money being spent on it! have a look round first.

  27. Stupid Flanders says:

    The $ 1,000 price is nothing, so purchasing the car isn’t the issue here as long as it runs and is functional.

    The most important thing to take into consideration is the cost to maintain and repair Land Rovers. They are one of the worst (if not the worst) vehicle in terms of reliability and maintenance costs.
    The car is 17 years old and has 120k miles. Forget fixing the bumper if you get it. You will never get your return back on the investment and you aren’t buying it for the looks (it sounds like).

    The guy is probably anxious to just get rid of it because parts and labor cost so much.
    Personally, I would pass.

  28. pro-diesel says:

    The downside to these type vehicles is that parts are very high! They are not the most reliable vehicles either. They are often hard to repair which means many hours in a shop. Although you may buy the vehicle for that low price, it would not be unusual for a repair bill on some component to be over $ 500 with parts and labor. It is hard to find something for $ 1000 and I realize that. IF you can spend a little more than that, you might find something a bit more reliable. I do not want to scare you, but I have known people with these type of vehicles and they can be expensive to repair. More so than some Mercedes and BMW models. My Uncle had a 1997 Land Rover Discovery and it always had issues.

  29. ElGrande says:

    Stupid Flanders! Once again, you are right. D’oh!

    Land Rovers are very poor “investments” (as you call it). They have indeed proven themselves to be very unreliable, even in high-end models.

    HOWEVER, playing devil’s advocate… $ 1000 isn’t that bad, and if it’s only being driven a few times a month, then it “might” not be a bad buy. I just hope you know one hell of a mechanic.

  30. don’t buy a Jeep, Audi, Saab. Jaguar or a Land/Range Rover.


    expensive to own and repair.