Range Rover Sport on 22” Vossen VVS-CV3 Concave Wheels / Rims

Range Rover Custom

Range Rover Sport on 22” Vossen VVS-CV3 Concave Wheels / Rims

Vossen VVS-CV3 F: 22×10.5 / R: 22×10.5 Custom Finish Watch in HD on Vimeo http://vimeopro.com/vossenwheels/videos/video/50159610 Web Site http://www.vossenwheels.com Like us on Facebook …
Range Rover custom Video Rating: 4 / 5

Range Rover custom is listed in the Land Rover Category.

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  1. What year is the range rover sport? 

  2. BMW любитель says:

    Тачка супер! Сам имею такой 4,2 очень доволен нет слов. 

  3. Mashrur Islam says:

    any idea about the sound track guys? thumbs up for the RR sports though.

  4. Лайки за музыку шли а не за бренд этого железа!!!!

  5. #VossenWheels on Range Rovers = Classy

  6. Def1led x says:

    What springs is this lowered on?

  7. andrey rendorenko says:

    народ подскажите что за музыка?? 

  8. Kamran Khan says:

    That rainbow at 1:11 tho

  9. ahmad khorsheed says:

    very cool wheels
    how much the sets for this wheels
    for my range rover sport supercharge 2006 ???

  10. HIPPO LIFE says:


  11. kiss my a says:

    What’s the first car ? Tell me please 

  12. Who makes the body kit?

  13. Сергей Голубев says:


  14. DS Ramazanov says:

    please tell me what song is playing.

  15. this car is, in my opinion, one of the best looking cars on the planet,
    range rovers are so nice clean and edgy, sadly the interieur is one of the
    worst i´ve ever seen….

  16. Alejandro S says:

    it Matte Black Machined? 

  17. YotsyTotsy says:

    Ok, it’s Sarah Brightman – Beautiful. It’s good to know.
    Nevertheless, who made this remix? Joey Trife?

  18. Vossen Guys, you should produce a motion picture ;) , your shots are
    flawless. Car manufacturers should pay you extra money for the job your
    doing. But regardless good wheel is 50% of cars appearance IMO. 

  19. Arif Suaydın says:

    Couldn’t find this remix of the song. Please help, need that version of the