Range Rover Sport 2014 first drive review | evo DIARIES

Range Rover Hybrid 2014

Range Rover Sport 2014 first drive review | evo DIARIES

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Range Rover hybrid 2014 Video Rating: 4 / 5

Range Rover hybrid 2014 is listed in the Land Rover Category.

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  1. Jah Fizz says:

    OMG the new version looks friggin ugly.

  2. Matt Jones says:

    Harry’s mouth looks like a vandalized grave yard, fallen tombstones
    everywhere. Beautiful house though.

  3. Jess Bella says:

    Am I the only one who dislikes the front grill? I’m not a big fan of the

  4. BoschExxcel says:

    Great review!

  5. LissCanary says:

    Did he just say “trick”?! Haha

  6. Ivan Bekish says:

    Always been a fan of Range Rover because their cars are just beautiful

  7. Awww must be nice to be rich! 15mpg, so around town that will easily be
    10/8mgp ill take 2! 

  8. Ferrari Scuderia says:

    Bet this new RR Sport is still going to be unreliable as hell, otherwise it
    wouldnt be a real Range Rover.

  9. Wonka810 says:

    Nice freaking house!

  10. Rodney E Dixon says:

    Dear santa……

  11. scott gooseman says:

    it looks well nice I going to get one

  12. Darryld1 says:

    This is without any doubt the very best review of this car you will find

  13. CrisyFallows says:

    Fucking, tank


  15. Pedro Pires says:

    Range Rover Sport 2013 review | evo DIARIES

  16. Julio Rojas says:


  17. Leonard Teo says:

    i always love your reviews but can you do more videos on it being not on
    tarmac, more in shallow waters and mud, off road in short?

  18. spirit29 says:

    you should do more reviews. also, nice watch

  19. Jason Jardine says:

    Porsche vs range rover, range rover win every time!