Range Rover Sport 10MY Supercharger 0 – 100mph – 0

Range Rover Hse

Range Rover Sport 10MY Supercharger 0 – 100mph – 0

The New 2010 Range Rover Sport Supercharged 0mph to 100mph and back, evolution over the 09MY.
Range Rover hse Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Lawrence Valenti says:

    going from a video of a bmw s1000rr to this is like watching 2 snails race

  2. kandastrike says:

    they are not 19 inch brakes, they are 6 piston 15 inch brembo brakes (in
    the front)… and smaller ones on the back tires

  3. hangtenprince says:

    Awesome.. i’ll buy one after robbing a bank lol

  4. asugofizable says:

    это че получаеться у меня старая модель я теперь не крутой?(((

  5. Gustavo Moura says:

    ford what?

  6. Romy Singh says:

    @hangtenprince let me know when you rob a bank bro..ill help you out get
    away MASTER PLAN! you rob drop the money in my car trunk you run around the
    street..while i drive away with money HALF HALF!

  7. Avi Avikesh says:

    uhh is that voice of Mike Brewer ?

  8. proprioceptive44 says:

    And a trip to the nearest garage

  9. powera85 says:

    @mjdietle they not lyin we bet an evo and a typer dc5 with more horses to
    spare.that supercharger is pure music when reved.ps im a qualified
    landrover mechanic

  10. TheSoundzUK says:

    ill be honest,if i could choose any 4×4,it would be the ml63 amg brabus.i
    dont like the bmw’s much,none of these cars can really offroad well at
    all.best all rounder would probably be this range rover. id like to see
    jaguar build a 4×4 though.and maybe ferarri

  11. PartsMadness says:

    fuk a silverado Range Rover is da shit silverado’s are nice trucks just not
    on this level sorry go test drive both and see the difference.

  12. TheSoundzUK says:

    @boldtmedia nah the ml63 isnt that bad i dont think.jaguar need to make a
    4×4.If jag made a 4×4 it would be the best by miles.

  13. Mike Jones says:

    range nice trucks to bad their value go down the toilet faster than an
    hyndai accent if you buy one keep it for life

  14. FUCK202 says:

    2009 car on an 08 reg? Also you’d be pissed off if you bought a
    pre-facelift. Facelift is a huge improvement in engines, exterior and
    interior (which was previously almost 10 year old American car quality)

  15. matmicmj says:

    PEACE AND LOVE .,.,.,

  16. kaimelis says:

    I prefer x5m in this league

  17. Irakli Gabunia says:

    one of the greatest car in the world : ))

  18. 900Ramirez1 says:


  19. 9094design says:

    @themaranello1986 You are Retarded. Im guessing your saying 0-100Km in 3
    seconds but still, ferarri, lamborghini, porche, ect. Are still hung at low
    3′s. In no way could a Jeep do this!! Turn off your computer or mobile
    device, walk out of your house. And start running, maybe your ass will fall
    off if your lucky!

  20. Nathan Ferguson says:


  21. aikerz07 says:

    @BLOOD4UNTER lol. he is referring to improvement. it’s an evolution

  22. Tanner Wilfong says:

    @stevieb6966 sorry you can’t afford one…..

  23. tcgstore2014 says:

    The Range Rover itself is the thing, not the Sport.

  24. 5aled141 says:

    i love thes car ,im saudi

  25. qutip14 says:

    Land rovers are a true sport suv, not these piss ass crossovers that all
    the other car companys are coming out with.