Range Rover Evoque Prestige

Range Rover Body Kit

Range Rover Evoque Prestige

Land Rover’s new three-door Evoque crossover features an aggressive front end, a rising beltline, and LED taillights. Inside there’s a wide center console, a…
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  1. narendra n says:

    Range Rover Evoque Prestige

  2. range rover car says:

    Range rover evoque prestige

  3. akash gill says:

    how many km per galon

  4. LJD14Celtic says:

    Seen one of these on the road today must say i was disappointed, when i
    hear range rover im thinking BIG ! What a let down, I think i’ll have to
    stick with my vogue for a bit longer.

  5. O'DoyleRulz says:

    @makeminealarge1 Well in US you can…

  6. mistasage says:

    @makeminealarge1 i just put my front plate under my windshield.

  7. Mark Peel says:

    spot how many range rover drivers you can and they all drive with there
    left hand on there chin / lips deep in thought . Right hand hookers that is
    . PRATS !!

  8. woodsmichael says:

    I love the fact North America will finally have a fuel efficient Land Rover
    (besides the Freelander/LR2)

  9. Saw this car drive past me its broke my neck amazing

  10. Michael Grech says:

    it looks more like a land rover 3 than a range rover.. should have been
    land rover 3

  11. minibus1351 says:

    There’s gonna be a 4 door version soon. I would wait for that.

  12. ratmtbola says:

    @khoihq Yeah, on the one hand the Evoque looks much better than the X6. But
    on the other this car is even more unpractical and … useless.

  13. Guncancho0 says:

    excellent !!

  14. RuLah100 says:

    a coupe SUV? Takes away the joy from a coupe or a suv

  15. Christian Lopez Ruiz says:

    wow o wow

  16. imwatchinghd says:

    i loved it :)

  17. tarig osman says:

    now !! that is a crossover

  18. Peter Pan says:

    pretty pointless if you ask me

  19. iRhizic says:

    @SAMXHD1 Lol

  20. icecube172 says:

    now it looks like a FORD….too bad

  21. P0dDels says:

    @AKGamer100 That’s horrible. So what do used cars cost…I’m sure that
    there is a used car tax as well, isn’t it?