Old tractors never die! Ursus vs. Land Rover.

Land Rover Old

Old tractors never die! Ursus vs. Land Rover.

This film its just a little joke. Many vehicles -many uses. Tractor is used to plow the field, all-terrain car used to efficiently off-road move. Be aware o…
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  1. collexx says:

    Ursus C-45 <3

  2. gsarjos says:

    28 second video is useless…. why even bother 

  3. liam fuller says:

    You cant really compete because the tractor has spoked and narrow wheels
    and the back…the defender has wider tyres and there not spoked :) 

  4. phil tripe says:

    what am i doing with this crappy dirt bike…

  5. Gabriel Hamburger says:

    funny toy 

  6. Jon Emberson says:

    “the best 4×4 by far” my ass..

  7. MrAmberol says:

    5 inch teeth seem to be the problem for the landrover

  8. mccrackenphillip says:

    I See Now.

  9. greasemonkeypol says:

    yea but lets be realistic landrovers suck dick

  10. Thomas Potenciano says:

    haha tarctor

  11. Lorenzo6880 says:

    Just because Land Rover has inappropriate tyres…

  12. marwaldor . says:

    Zawsze mówiłem, że Land Rover to szajs :)

  13. Lim Kok Kuan says:

    a bad Versus, i agree with GregoryAdamz, and look at the tractors tyres.

  14. Heinz von B eins says:


  15. Jesse Wunsch says:

    Well considering the tractor has

  16. michi907 says:

    @karol259 no. the Pampa was build in licence, but the Ursus was a copy of
    the Lanz

  17. Dengezik100 says:

    Yet it is fun to see stone age technology puting down the precious-proud
    4×4! :) ))

  18. nickword1 . says:

    hahahaha that was freaking awesome!

  19. Lawrentiu Pop says:

    thats russian tractor XD

  20. charlieflint says:

    Jeep? nah.

  21. Hefty Ide says:

    With all those spikes and smoke it can be used as a psychological weapon.

  22. c3l3s3u says:

    mah da cand va e-n gat al meu caras puteti sa trageti aer pe nas ?:)

  23. Joe Randolph says:

    The tractor had metal spikes for tires

  24. kop4321 says:

    Ye olde offroading!

  25. zajebiszczak98 says:

    Ursus made in poland