New Range Rover Test Drive & Review

Range Rover Acceleration

New Range Rover Test Drive & Review

Steve takes the long awaited new 2013/ 2014 Range Rover Supercharged for a test drive to see how the updated flagship Land Rover feels in person. The acceler…
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Range Rover acceleration question by Hazza: What is your personal experience with Range Rover’s 07 onwards, problems etc?
I am in the market for buying a range rover vogue or sport, im undecided but i want to know what i should expect owning one aside from the fuel cost. What problems could i experience and are they costly, because if they are i will try and get one with warranty left on it

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Answer by Chickadee

Anything post 07 is pretty good. There were issues with the full size Range Rover vehicles before 07, we had to run a reassurance program as we were getting a lot of customers with failed front differentials, we identified a weakness in it and asked for every one ever built to be brought back in for a diff upgrade, modified component from a new supplier…. this was a very costly program but needed to be done!

Other than that I can’t think of any major issues, sure Land Rover vehicles do have warranty failures, but no more than any other manufacturer, and if it is a defect and the vehicle has been looked after properly and we can see that from the service portfolio then it is likely that LR will offer to either pay for the repair or give a contribution towards it.

There were a lot of component changes after the 07MY was launched for both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport (RRS)

I would strongly suggest that if you buy one you buy it from an approved franchised dealership…. there are many reasons for this:

1) ALL Approved Used Land Rovers sold through a main dealer come with AT LEAST 1 years warranty, so even if the Manufacturers 2 year warranty has expired you will still get a years protection.

2) All Approved Used vehicles go through a massive checklist before they are sold on, which means any problems that the car has will be sorted out before you buy it

3) They have full service history! This is something that is VERY important with Jaguars & Land Rovers. They are very complex vehicles and a small maintainence item such as an oil filter not being replaced at the correct time can potentially turn into a full-blown engine replacement at a cost of about £6k retail!

If you are undecided about which vehicle you want out of the Range Rover Sport and the Full size Range Rover then I would recommend you go on a track day, known as the Land Rover experience.

You get to play around in the vehicles in the mud and on test tracks, it will really show you the difference between the two – and they are very different!

The RRS is slightly smaller, it is MUCH more aggressive than the Full Size Range Rover, and accelerates quicker, it has a bit less body roll than the full-size and with the Dynamic Response system feels a bit… well…. sportier!

The full-size Range Rover, up to the 2010 model, feels a little heavier, don’t get me wrong, the acceleration and speed is still there but feels a bit slower when you initially put your foot down. That said the ride in the full-size is much smoother, there is a little more body roll, but the suspension is not as harsh on the full-size as the RRS.

Either way you go, they are both great cars… although in my personal opinion, I LOVE my Sport, (2008MY HSE in Java Black – she’s my baby!) And the best bit about driving it is you get to laugh at all the Beemer and Merc drivers trying to drive off-road!

Have a look at or go on to the Top Gear site to read driver reviews of the vehicles.

Other things you need to take into consideration owning one of these vehicles are:

Servicing, every 15k or 12 months, whichever is first…. will cost approx £500 at a main dealer
Tyres £800 for a set of 4 Pirelli Scorpions….. you can choose cheaper options obviously but they run best on these!
Extended warranty, after your LR warranty or used approved warranty expires I would recommend an extended warranty, depending on the level of cover you want they go from about £500-£1500 per year.
Insurance – Depends on no-claims, points etc, but can be pricey!

If you get one I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!


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