Meek Mill 25th Birthday Celebration in Philadelphia (Gets 2012 Range Rover from Rick Ross)

Range Rover Gift

Meek Mill 25th Birthday Celebration in Philadelphia (Gets 2012 Range Rover from Rick Ross)

Listen to Meek Mill’s first single “I Don’t Know” featuring Paloma Ford! Download on iTunes now! “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” coming soon! Buy “I Don’t Know”
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  1. I know its just rap and a lot of this shit is for show, but I’ll be damn if
    it aint inspirational

  2. llVll4J0RK1LL3R says:

    French was stoned as fuck

  3. adam higgs says:

    Can’t they say a sentence without having to say “Yknow wot I’m saying”,
    these fellas work with the English language for a living but can’t figure
    out that when u keep repeating the same phrase over n over again they sound
    retarded?! They don’t even need fans they love Themselves enough, fkin

  4. Matt Wilson says:

    I feel like Meek and Wale don’t like each other

  5. adam higgs says:

    And how can you blackheads who comment about wot rick ross does for his
    homilies n shit have a clue wot ur talking about…u don’t even know him u
    idiots, shut up man u chat just as much shut as these dickhead rappers who
    are mostly talentless bankers who got a lucky break…rapping/rhyming ain’t
    hard man n these fools ain’t God’s they’re normal men who’s shut smells
    just like everyone else’s!!

  6. The4747Game says:


  7. Antre Watson says:

    6:29 he says he gonna get home safe like no one can touch him and hes fully

  8. hrtford CT says:

    yo, the young boa meek mill deserve everything he has and got. HE got the
    upmost respect from me bro he came from nothing no help from no one he
    desrve it all. it makes me feel good to see a smile on dudes face man leave
    the dude alone man.

  9. Jose Alcantara says:

    what it the name of the song that start on 3:54 

  10. RoYaL Gaming says:

    Free Meek

  11. Manda Minaj says:


  12. wavegamecrazy says:

    who is the girl at 4:11 damn

  13. Joshua Vega says:

    Rick Ross know how to keep niggs Right ……..BOSS

  14. Jean Gilles Eder jean says:

    For real rozay is bo$$,like da way he showed love to his nigga meek mill.
    Respect Rozay

  15. KevinDurantFanboy says:

    DAM that music life seems fucking amazing

  16. Brandon Shannon says:


  17. Tommy Brett says:

    Meek’s face and laugh at 3:40 is hilarious

  18. Will Brown says:

    keep ur head up homie…..but you must follow the blueprint…..stay close
    to Rozay !!!!

  19. Dino Daquin says:

    These guys are bunch of devils, I see no love between them