Land Rover G4 Challenge UK Trials part 1

Land Rover G4

Land Rover G4 Challenge UK Trials part 1

Part 1 of a documentary. Contestants must compete against each other in order to gain a place in the international series in Mongolia.
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Land Rover g4 question by Emoney12: Land rover L2? Please help!!?
Hi. I was looking at the new landrover L2. It looks really nice. I would like to look into buying one but saw it did not have a 3rd row seat. Do you think if i went to a landrover dealer ship and told them i want one with a 3rd row seat, the company would build one for me? Thanks so much. Also, is the ride rough in this car or no? thanks

Land Rover g4 best answer:

Answer by Stupid Flanders
When you see the dimensions of the LR2, you will see that you won’t be able to fit a 3rd row seat into it.

If you were able to do it, then it would add weight, which decreases fuel economy. It would also drastically reduce the cargo room.

I would look at the Mazda CX-9 if you need 3 rows. It will be more reliable, less expensive, and it actually comes with 3 rows. It was also Motortrend’s SUV of the year in 2008.

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