Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 vs BMW M6

Range Rover Ice

Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 vs BMW M6

D3 / LR3 Ice drive vs BMW M6. BMW = to much power to the rear wheels.
Range Rover ice Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Range Rover ice question by don drapper: range rover supercharged?
What is best setting on a range rover for sleet/ice conditions. Expecting a wild winter.

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Read your manual

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  1. Ramil Mamed says:

    land rover superrrrr 

  2. venividiviciboss says:

    gay shit fuckin bullshit piece of race. BMW rules nigguhhhsss

  3. the m6 doesn’t have xdrive does it. The 2014 supercharged is actually a
    tiny bit slower then the x5m, and the older models are significantly
    slower. If driven all the supercharged models. On the 2014 I test drove
    last week I did a 5.1sec to 100km/h. Thats all I got out of it. LR claims
    5.0. so yea. X5M is supposed to to 4.8. TR system is brilliant yes. But
    from what I have noticed with my cars, x5 is more stable real slippery road
    but beaten by the disco 4 as soon as more snow is involved

  4. Spencer Fitch says:


  5. nickyb628 says:

    i’d love to take my audi out there.

  6. Needell89 says:

    Stupid TEST!!!!!!!!

  7. Areoplane7 says:

    @adamslurch71 i’d love to see subaru sti fording rivers and mitsubishi
    doing some rock crawling. this is not a test. this is an ad. it says: LR is
    the only thing you’ll ever need. there is no other car in the world so
    universal. as in it does everything good. LR was under bmw command until
    recently. this is their FUCK YOU MOTHER thing. get it now?

  8. iheart4wheeldrive says:

    It all depends on where you live and what you are in to genius. How many
    M6′s won the paris dakar? oh, there weren’t any. I’m even bothered I wasted
    my time responding to this. I’m ashamed at sinking to this level

  9. I meant the new RRS, which is about 2.1 tons. And also you can choose
    between comfort and sport now.

  10. chr1sj2008 says:

    you know what’s really gay there trying to show how awesome the lr3 but the
    use the sound of the m6 when showing it.


  12. adamslurch71 says:

    @Areoplane7 OK lets see it go against a Subaru STI, of a Mitsubishi EVO in
    the same test as here and see which one wins.

  13. redmunkee says:

    Holy fucking shit! I’ve always wanted to know whether a 4WD SUV with
    off-road pedigree can beat a rear wheel drive GT car on a snowy ice track.
    Thank you to the geniuses who devised this test, now I need not wonder
    anymore. Were you guys also behind The Onion’s report on research to
    determine the effects of repeated stabbings on monkeys?

  14. Joe Haugen says:

    Ahah, enjoy wintertime, M6 faggots!

  15. Yazzy Alaridi says:

    there is no way to compare these two cars by this stupid race cuz each one
    of them was designed to do it’s purpose

  16. how idiot’s can they be?!…they challenge a sport street car whith a land
    rover on snow????……. why don’t they challenge the bmw x5 or the x6 with
    that shiti land rover….?

  17. Richard Crocker says:

    ford owns land rover but land rover still builds their own product, ford
    also owns volvo and jaguar too, anyone not believing me, go do your
    research before you argue with me here.

  18. Thats right. But I Think, even the X5 4.0d would loose against the new
    Discovery 4 with 251hp on ice.

  19. try it with the new Land Rover Discovery 4 which is even better. Currently
    the best 4×4 on the road

  20. Daramus Bogdan says:

    what a idiot comparition, try compare same cars, on clean roads in summer
    see what happens and who win`s, what a shitty clip fuck LR, long rule BMW

  21. @e40cally Exactly! I don’t get the point of this video either! A 4×4
    vehicle is better than a high-powered sports car on a snow track. Gasp!
    Shock! Now lets put them on a normal race track and then let be shocked
    about how the M6 beats the LR3! Utterly pointless comparison.

  22. Read the manual that came with the car.