Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 rescues Defender

Land Rover Lr3 2005

Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 rescues Defender
Land Rover lr3 2005 Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. How the hell do you do that???? learn to drive before taking it bush.

  2. Medial Fluxocity says:

    best part of a grand that, good investment if you drive like this though lol

  3. ReynosaFriend says:


  4. TerraErro says:

    So what irrefutable proof do you have that leads you to think, “British
    cars also suck”? Exactly how many Aston Martins, Rolls-Royces, Bentleys,
    Jaguars, TVRs, Lotus, Morgans, or Bristols have you actually driven? Until
    you have actually owned a particular car, you are not qualified to say
    whether it is good or bad. Don’t just judge a car on PERCIEVED quality. Try
    it for yourself before making a judgement.

  5. BradCarr777 says:

    awesome ! Are you talking afrikaans? sounds like it baie lekker

  6. welshdude6669 says:

    Howabout ground clearance, break over, entry and departure angles and
    wading depths?

  7. ivangangi says:

    ma tutte queste cose “saroy104x4″

  8. trinidefender1 says:

    factory shipped yes, but very few defenders which are regularly used
    off-road stay stock, and you can get defenders from the dealership with a
    snorkel which puts its wading depth much higher than the discovery 3′s
    wading depth.

  9. This guys driving the defender like a pussy. Gotta have balls to drive that
    “go anywhere” truck.

  10. id just like to point out.. AND NOT A SCRATCH! while the defender may not
    be as capable at terrain as the hummer is, id still like to own one.

  11. 2pintsplease says:

    Forget about whether they’re the best or not, what about the driver? What a
    NOOB putting it on its side like that! If you can walk up a hill, you can
    drive a landy on it. End of story.

  12. Spartan46coltan46 says:

    Jealous much?

  13. how can you compare a super car to a offroad vehicle?

  14. trystan123123 says:

    haha yeh

  15. James Prumm says:

    Thats fair, but the list of goodies is considerably smaller than the
    baddies :( thus my exaggerated statement based on averages. Neighbours
    actually have a DB9….

  16. well said mate!!!! couldnt agree more

  17. yanster420 says:

    grave digger owns all