Kim Kardashian at the House Of Hype

Range Rover Kardashian

Kim Kardashian at the House Of Hype

Kim Kardashian gives us the lowdown on her pimped out “Kim’s a Princess” Range Rover whick was hooked up by Platinum Motorsport. ©Clinton H.Wallace/Photomund…
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  1. grifjordan says:

    I watched this on mute and spanked it like a son of a bitch!

  2. kim’s got some BIG missiles on her

  3. Kim Kardashian is an very attractive woman.She has an exotic and dark look
    that you don’t see too often. She’s also well known for her love of black
    guys (not that I would have a chance).I’ve never heard of her NOT being
    involved with a black guy.

  4. bccanada2005 says:

    Dear Kim, I Love you. Yours, Fracis Asisi

  5. she’s so hot

  6. redsoxmb545 says:

    Wrong. She’s one of us Armo’s.

  7. tintedtone says:

    ahhh I will look so much cuter in that jeep, frown

  8. hahahah…hell yeah i’d suck the titties of this gurl…every time i see
    this damn gurl i just wanna beat it like it owes me money…she tends to
    have that effect on all straight males i think

  9. windiestwind says:

    Despite all the rumors said about her, as a female myself I think she is so

  10. Sea James says:

    shes worth the bang

  11. brendon trashy says:

    the only is reason is public, because shes getting paid

  12. TolitoGangster says:

    Kim is a new superstar on the rise and the best damn looking celebrity
    today!She will be doing movies and talk shows someday.She has talent and
    style.She looks Latina but is Armenian but I would teach her how to dance
    the samba,the salsa and the merengue,with a butt like that she is an
    honorary Latina!

  13. smears420 says:

    I love Kim Kardashian she is hella fine.

  14. vulturex818 says:

    this bitch is fuckin fine

  15. what the fuck

  16. Elexentre says:

    Holy fuck man i’d flip her to the side and fuck the shit out of her.

  17. DynamikREBEL says:

    she a pretty and slightly smart woman…i’d take her over paris any day!

  18. LunarHigh says:

    I would probably give up a toe to have one night with this hotass girl.

  19. raunakshah15 says:

    shes been made to be laid man

  20. Humm, let´s see i will have the white Range Rover and the girl white dress,
    to take please. :D

  21. Junior106fm says:

    where did you see the video at?

  22. Whatever ‘it’ is, she’s got it. There can only be one thought going through
    any straight guy’s head the minute he lays eyes on this girl, especially in
    that outfit.

  23. philgunman says:

    SHE IS TOO GOD DAMN FINE. She can goto hell if she thinks we belevie she
    didnt relese that sex tape

  24. ferry1980 says:

    Range Rover? What Range Rover? I didn’t see a Range Rover… Tits…
    Tits… Tits… Hurray for white dress…