How to reset the air suspension inactive warning Range Rover

Range Rover L322

How to reset the air suspension inactive warning Range Rover

Air suspension inactive reset, Range Rover L322.
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  1. tg Matahari says:

    Hi, had the same problem and tried this. it worked fine for 3 weeks but
    same message air susp inactive/ HDC inactive appears again.
    I tried to re-fix it but nothing happens.
    any idea or solution?

  2. Trek Matteo says:

    I have tried that 100 times nothing I tried to disconnect the battery for 2
    hrs and nothing
    I cant figure out a way to reset it, I wish someone Could Help me on my 04
    Range Rover HSE

  3. Hi ..i want reset range rover sport pli ..haw ??

  4. Chris Parkes says:

    You’ve saved me some money, matey. Thanks!

  5. hi i have a constant airbag light on my 2007 range rover sport. would you
    know how to remove the light? also have a intermittent engine management
    warning light. sometimes this goes away. thank you in advance

  6. powerfulukltd says:

    @f470 Wow thats a lot of cash. Did the car sit level or was the car down in
    one corner ?.

  7. MsCrazyboyz says:

    it didnt work need help

  8. Great vid! I have a question, mate – When I start my L322 I have the HDC
    Inactive message. My dealer says this error was caused by low battery at a
    time. Any idea how to reset it? Thanks

  9. thanks great !

  10. powerfulukltd says:

    Hi – just looked at these guys website and it looks interesting. Some great
    videos and well worth a look. I may look at buying one of their devises and
    seeing how it goes.

  11. powerfulukltd says:

    Sorry dont know how to do this

  12. gunnarMyTube says:

    Best is the RSW Solutions “EAS Activate” plug. I have restored my EAS
    hundreds of times this way. Which in my case is a way to postphone the
    replacing of the EAS compressor. But this summer it will see a swap.

  13. diljot shoker says:

    can you use this video for a 2006 range rover sport????

  14. Amazingfeet says:

    Hi will this work on a p38?? thanks

  15. Do you have a technique on resetting the oil change display on the L322?

  16. any videos on how to access the compressor? I am receiving the “ride height
    only” error. seems my compressor is starting to give out. I would like to
    Install a new one.

  17. gunnarMyTube says:

    Yes such a command exists. But it can be mis-used by shade tree dealers to
    sell unserviced vehicles.

  18. Solo Daprince says:

    My shit want rise,, its sayin system off!! I’m riding all low n shitt… I
    gotta get my Supercharged back too Excellent

  19. Rico Suave says:

    @powerfulukltd I’ve seen independant service shops around and they are only
    $200-300 cheaper than Land Rover. I got the Diagnose and it says Air Spring
    Replacement so there goes an extra $2K in less than 5 months.