How to fit the face lift style front grill to Range Rover Vo

Range Rover Facelift Conversion

How to fit the face lift style front grill to Range Rover Vo

instruction on how to fit the facelift style front grill on a Range Rover Vogue.
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Range Rover facelift conversion question by Danny: Where can I convert the interior of my pre-facelift Range Rover to the facelift (2010)?
I’ve seen many Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports with exterior facelift conversions which look magnificent, but all of them have the pre-facelift interiors which I don’t particularly like.

Anyone know where I can get the interior converted too?
Unfortunately I don’t have £60k to buy a new Range Rover, or even £30k to get a used facelift. Would if I could!

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Answer by Malcom

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  1. Reuben Madiah says:

    Can you put 05 to 09 headlights on this model without needing to alter the

  2. powerfulukltd says:

    Hi – yes you can fit the 2010 on headlights to this model. You will need to
    1) change the headlight connectors 2) change the front grille 3) alter the
    front wings 4) change the front bumper

  3. Can we upgrade the head lights of this model to 2012 head lights?? Without
    any addition to the front bumper?? Note: 2012 lights comes in one shape

  4. Mohammas Afzali says:

    Hello I just ordered a grill to be shipped to USA , how long does it
    usually take

  5. Mohammas Afzali says:

    I have a 2003 range rover, what’s the grill year model that you changed

  6. powerfulukltd says:

    Yes you are correct – the big Range Rover is actually just the “Range
    Rover” in the UK also but to try and differentiate it from the RR Sport i
    often refer to it as the Vogue as this is most common trim level sold in
    the UK. The term Range Rover L322 seems to be adopted as the most common
    term for the large Range Rover now.

  7. powerfulukltd says:

    Hi you can order this online at our webite – search “powerful UK Ltd” on

  8. powerfulukltd says:

    Hi – no you need to order a special grille from Powerful UK Ltd

  9. powerfulukltd says:

    hi the grille is not an original grille – it is designed by us to make you
    2003 look like a 2006.

  10. powerfulukltd says:

    Hi check out our website – google “powerful UK Ltd” and search for RRG628

  11. Will you ship to US? I cant find this same grill here or is it the same is
    06 and up?

  12. powerfulukltd says:

    Hi if you google “powerful UK Ltd” to find our website – then search for
    RRG628 I cant post web address in youtube comments – sorry

  13. SMART…..

  14. cslamar2012 says:

    what is your web site I want the grill conversion for my 05

  15. David Murdock says:

    very helpful. Great video.

  16. Mohammas Afzali says:

    Can u please provide website where I can order ur grill plz

  17. Myles Doyle says:

    Thanks mate

  18. buy a 2010 or newer range rover…get a warranty and everything…your custom range rover will never be worth what you invest into it. If you really have your heart set on the swap then look for the parts on ebay piece by piece or buy a totaled truck and use what you can