ford raptor vs. range rover pulling contest

Range Rover Bowler

ford raptor vs. range rover pulling contest

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  1. the range rover is a work of mechanical art. the ford raptor is just a
    pickup with big wheels and suspension 

  2. zhentrix calipso says:

    who the fuck wins

  3. Austin Snow says:

    ford fucking sucks

  4. Josh Koopman says:

    they didn’t build the raptor for towing… plus the rover is a helluva lot
    heavier than the raptor with grippy road tires… rover was always going
    to win

  5. Marcos Maldonad says:

    i dont even think thats a 6.2 raptor

  6. The rover had the better tires, get a F150 and pull the rover around the

  7. That’s a 5.4 raptor, not a 6.2. If it were a 6.2 it probably would have won
    from the start

  8. Brent Johnson says:

    No go to the mud and see
    (Street tires!)

  9. dua guys the rangerover is 11,000 pounds

  10. Edwin Aristigueta says:

    To the rover guy… You winn that match. On the 2 pull he got you but that
    wasn’t fair… The first pull count as a winn bcs both of you hit the gas
    pedal at the same time….. 

  11. The2001cobra says:

    Hey to everyone thinking tires are the raptors excuse they are not. Yes the
    regular f150 tires and wheels would fair better but Range Rovers are very
    very heavy with extensive drivetrain networking that are transmitting at
    some pretty fast data rates. This allows the vehicle to alter power output
    more efficiently than the Raptor from a stop preventing power loss from
    wheel spin while applying the brake electronically causing the Raptor to
    spin, power transfer is far more intelligent in the Range Rover. If the
    Raptor owner utilized the brake to get the initial tug on the Range Rover
    it would have won in the first place. But as far as the Range Rover goes
    its traction control system is awesome it’ll do nearly anything you want it

  12. Raptor has mud tires on the rover had pavement tires lol put them both in
    dirt and see who wins. PS: The guy in the Raptor should have disabled the
    advance track.

  13. Juan Ramirez says:

    And that’s why I say, screw Ford.