dodge ram cummins vs ford 8600 tractor tug of war

Land Rover Vs Ford

dodge ram cummins vs ford 8600 tractor tug of war

PICKUP VS TRACTOR TUG OF WAR dodge ram 3500 versus ford 8600 with heavy cast rear wheel centres and extra wheel weights. also front weights.
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  1. Vincent Robinson says:

    Fuck your fucking ford f 350 and your chevy 3500 Dodge all the fucking way
    fuck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jesse Wright says:

    Tiers on ford BALD you morons no wonder the Dodge won dipsticks!!!!!!!!

  3. Sam Lafrance says:

    I thought europeans were smart enough not to buy these piece of shit
    american trucks. guess not

  4. Cameron Brisco says:

    This is stupid. I don’t care if the Dodge has dualies its trying to pull a
    fucking tractor. Of course the tractor is going to win. They might as well
    have a power wheel and a person on a bicycle go at it.

  5. basicbodybuilding says:

    After watching this vid should i buy a ford f-350 or chevy 3500?

  6. joe Costello says:

    Smaller tires act like a lower gear. So the trucks big advantage were the
    tiny tires 

  7. Diamondusa7 says:

    Cummins is not made by dodge…

  8. Remington1987 says:

    It’s called 2 wheel drive VS. 4 wheel drive. You idiots that can’t
    understand traction. And the truck has way more power than the tractor its
    probably 60 horsepower and the truck is 300 horse. 

  9. justfakeit888 says:

    Possibly because tractor tyres are shit on pavement. Put some drag slicks
    on there and it wouldn’t be that way.

  10. Claudia Langely says:

    uhm tractor didnt have the diff locked and the dodge had a rolling
    start…. if it wasnt two dipshits driving it would have been different

  11. jahmbella says:

    it’s all a about weight: the truck is heavier or almost the same weight,
    thats it. It has extra weight everywhere, double rear tyres with weights.
    2wd or 4wd on that surface is not a variable in my opinion.

  12. MATT BOLIN says:

    ok… now try it in the dirt… this is pointless. not saying i didn’t
    enjoy the video, but tractor vs truck? and just so you know i drive a dodge
    truck ford car and chevy suv and like them all… im not brandist 

  13. DenXX0204 says:

    давайте на фордах поля пахать?)))

  14. Nieminen Eminem says:

    He has wrap on his back carrying thing. Propably he has two 500kg weights
    under there.

    Because normally tractor has the same torque (or more), more weigh and
    three times the traction.
    There is just no way a pickup can tow tractor like that without any help

  15. Yolo King says:

    Tractor bigger wheels more traction more torque who’s gonna win?