DIY Bond Car Pt. 1 – Bulletproof Range Rover – Top Gear at the Movies – Top Gear

Range Rover James Bond

DIY Bond Car Pt. 1 – Bulletproof Range Rover – Top Gear at the Movies – Top Gear

Hammond parks the James Bond Range DB5 Rover on a shooting range in Wales, to see how his armour modifications stand up to Accuracy International’s 50 calibe…
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  1. what type of loads/bullets were they shooting, because any .50BMG military
    round would have gotten through that steel with ease… 

  2. Craze Games says:

    Those AS50 guys really sucked at aiming

  3. Penky Hanky says:

    3:54 Mercenaries world in flames music 

  4. James Gilmore says:

    Is this on Netflix?

  5. TheAgitator1978 says:

    The guns are of course American. Should have called on American help to
    hold your empire together, chaps.

  6. Masud Hasan says:

    Where did they learn to shoot at? Stormtroopers Institute of Idiotic

  7. What series and ep is this?

  8. Sigma Design says:

    even with a fully amour plated vehicle (professionally made ) a 50 Cal
    round would go through glass and plate.

  9. icecutter ice says:

    bet the car wouldnt have started if they shot the engine block… probs
    where told to avoid it tbh

  10. Another boring idiocy passed along British knobs while money spent for this
    … thing are taken from the same knobs who were once stupefied with tg

  11. Everything wrong with TG the last few series.

  12. When an AS50 anti-material rifle can’t stop the Hamster is his home-made
    armoured car, the world should be worried :P 

  13. that was funny. Sadly, anyone sitting inside the car would have been dead
    and unable to start the engine and drive a way. :) 

  14. “I don’t know what that beep is”

  15. Darude Sandstorm says:

    reminder! crossing your fingers with thick gloves makes it look like a
    profane gesture…
    Just pause at 3:41