An Early Glimpse of the 2014 Range Rover Sport | Land Rover USA

Land Rover Usa Channel

An Early Glimpse of the 2014 Range Rover Sport | Land Rover USA

An early glimpse of Land Rover’s most dynamic vehicle yet. It’s now only a matter of days before the worldwide unveiling of the 2014 Range Rover Sport, live …
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  1. Livermore Land Rover Jaguar says:

    An Early Glimpse of the All-New Range Rover Sport | Land Rover USA

  2. noe name says:

    Range rover is the nicest piece shit there is, looks awesome but a Toyota
    is way more reliable and dependable. Haven ever seen a 10 year old range on
    the streets? Probably not, but my Lexus is 13 years old and is like new

  3. Bulorness says:

    nevermind this nonsense.. pics of the new model have already been leaked..
    just search them on google images

  4. ryan flippin says:

    Stupid stupid stupid

  5. Adam Zhitomi says:

    It’s not a commercial.

  6. Aj Gill says:

    That’s a expensive ass Ford Explorer lol

  7. h8ncars says:

    Is this like the other rovers once you have issues with them throw them out

  8. kev3800 says:


  9. JLove00 says:

    The sound of the starter is exotic as hell. Why can’t the new ‘Vette sound
    like that?

  10. 2008dmax says:

    Why anybody would pay over $50,000 for an SUV that lives in the shop is
    beyond me

  11. wholelotwiser says:

    Now THAT’S a Range Rover ladies and gentlemen!

  12. Henry R says:

    One of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen

  13. zander8171 says:

    why so many dislikes. It’s a teaser…

  14. ben Rudnick says:

    What about the driver in the car

  15. idrivahemijeep says:

    All of you all act like you’ve owned a few of them yourselves. I can assure
    you they have been built very well since 2003.

  16. LegendaryDesi says:

    Dear RangeRover, you prob paid $1mill to make this commercial. I could have
    done it for free and a way better job.

  17. gerdatrummelj says:

    It has the freezing outdoors. ADELINE

  18. 9471ash says:

    I agree!

  19. eduardo vera says:

    If you call that a glimpse, then you suck at spring break flashing!

  20. vallon deto says:

    What they hv with the misterious box

  21. kornfmerrileec says:

    Jane is equival

  22. MrSuperMarioFan2012 says:

    Does it come in a coupe?

  23. Alex Gohil says:

    Can’t wait to see her in NYC road on 26th

  24. Adam Zhitomi says:

    Looks awesome so far. Can’t wait to see the final design!

  25. Frank KO says:

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