All-New Range Rover Sport | Empty Quarter Documentary

Land Rover Mobile Phone

All-New Range Rover Sport | Empty Quarter Documentary

Follow the Driven Challenges at In the world’s largest sand desert, treacherous terrain, violent sandsto…
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  1. MIGerlag97 says:

    Oh please, Stop wetting yourself over this overpriced car you stupid snobby
    dicks, sure its a nice car but there is nothing jaw dropping or super
    special about it, it’s worth nothing more that the snob value of its badge,
    coz honestly any off road enthusiast with their head screwed on straight
    would tell you that there are much cheaper more capable solutions to that,
    and anyway 98% of those cars bought never even see dirt. And if you going
    to spend that amount of money on a car like that you would be taking it off
    road, everyone is praising this car like it’s some kind if god and the
    truth is there is nothing over exiting about it, it’s just another 4wd car,
    this could have been done just as easily in a jeep or any other comparable
    car in this class.

    Sure these guys did a great job but it’s nothing to shout about it’s just a
    ploy by land rover to build hype over there car and to excite customers
    with big bank accounts. It’s always been possible just nobody could have
    been bothered to do it.

    And by the way “Lonely dessert” se foet, with all those camera guys to
    record this footage if that rover got stuck the would have well over 10
    guys to help them out, and there is no way that car is completely standard,
    if that car had the standard production air filter it would have broke down
    in the first 2 hours so I call bullshit on that statement

  2. Selectism says:

    *Watch the New **+Land Rover USA* *#RangeRover** Sport*

    See the new car take on the sands of the Arabian Peninsula in its latest
    #DrivenChallenges . #automotive 

  3. Oliver Rashid says:

    impressive but i cannot stand all those sped up shots it makes it look very
    tacky and fake

  4. Christopher Saul says:

    It’d be nice to the the Sport actually doing some ‘real’ driving through
    the Empty Quarter. The video shows it diving over lots of sabkha, a few
    flat sandy bits and getting stuck in the only challenging section. Granted,
    the slipface descent is pretty cool, but I’m guessing anything other than
    fairly flat dunes would be impossible with the stock tires and poor
    approach angle.

  5. Wooow Indians are great… Thanks for the ultimate beast….. 

  6. Dom Romney Photography says:

    Incredibly privileged to be part of the #Landrover empty quarter challenge,
    what an amazing adventure it was.

  7. hudali311 says:

    a single sand storm is more than enough to sand blast the whole car down to
    bare metal and blur the windshields for good. my 3 previous cars were
    sandblasted in 3 different occasions at the north of this desert.. but good
    ad though. nice work, Land Rover

  8. shreister says:

    hmmm. all style and no substance ala michael bay. the descent was the only
    engaging part, i thought. 

  9. higheddy89 says:

    I shall ask Land Rover one thing, the engineering into the vehicle is
    phenomenal, but, what is the body finish that allows it to travel across a
    desert for 10+ hours with just a smudge of sand on it upon finish? I wanted
    to see a dirty car in the end. Not something that was pushed around on a
    beach for a day.

  10. Stanford Crane says:


  11. Praneesh JANYAVULA says:

    Just a single word to describe it “WOOWW” :-D :-) 

  12. papoopa5800 says:

    I don’t consider this car to be a human creation. It was crafted by God’s

  13. Sujitha Menon says:

    Watching the video itself, I feel the adrenaline coursing through my
    veins. Incredible!! 

  14. TranslatorTuber says:

    Why does this vehicle have an English road tax disc on it?

  15. Land Rover of Naperville says:

    The #RangeRover Sport has gone where no car has gone before! Watch as it
    crosses the world’s largest desert!

  16. Chamal Pathirana says:

    Awesome video on the new Range Rover Sport.

  17. mokai1618 says:

    #LOVE this… What a beast of a machine… #Awesome 

  18. Land Rover Colorado Springs says:

    Watch the full story unfold as the #NewRangeRoverSport sets a new record
    for crossing the world’s largest sand desert