2014 Range Rover Evoque Start Up, Exhaust, Full Review

Land Rover Price In India

2014 Range Rover Evoque Start Up, Exhaust, Full Review

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  1. Cant help it but this car looks evil as fuck

  2. Ramy El-desouki says:

    Very great detailed review, I love that you showed how the key fob looks
    like and giving each a meaning. And also I love that you showed the pedal
    shifters also the arm rest at the back which also has a small space I
    didn’t know that. A thumbs up from me. Keep it up, cheers

  3. darl bontia says:

    i love this car very much i’ll buy this car early January 2015.

  4. This has a 2.0L ENGINE!?!

  5. westbank876 says:

    excellent review man.. best I have seen… so detailed great job… keep it

  6. Veera Kumar says:

    Ur way too Awesome loved ur review :) 

  7. Lucy Lewis says:

    I need this in my life!!!!!

  8. Rahul Das says:

    Nice and detailed review. You covered the entire car and every specs of it.
    Keep up the good job .

  9. SnazzyMacGuy says:

    Awesome detail in your reviews GJ bro and keep it up! 

  10. Dexter0023 says:

    +HappyRider2011 on the automatic gear knob, D for drive and S for Sports
    or Standard? You said standard.

  11. Ralph Kister says:

    2014 Range Rover Evoque Start Up, Exhaust, Full R…:

  12. Bigsheesh says:

    Excellent review. Is the interior Almond or Cirrus color?

  13. bmwmsport11 says:

    This one looks great! but for the price i’ll buy a used Range Rover or
    Range Rover Sport. The base models look boring(pure and pure+).