► 2014 Range Rover Sport OFFROAD

Land Rover Evoque Off Road

► 2014 Range Rover Sport OFFROAD

Land Rover evoque off road Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. aundrae bromley says:

    Any simply Toyota Hilux (4X4) could do that. Thats not even mud, its just
    2-3 feet of dirty water. 

  2. neilyville says:

    here in the Philippines our Pajoner can do better than that. climb a rocky
    mountain, cross a 6-7ft flood with lots of dirt like dog shit, baby diapers
    and lots of garbage and dead rats and cats. passenger capacity of 10-16
    person including the person sitting on the roof. and it only cost around
    1,000 to 1,500$ all brand new. LOL

  3. Anurag sharma says:

    It’s so fuckin’ awesome vehicle. LOVE TO RIDE IT AND HAVE IT, PROUD !

  4. Иван Вадимович says:

    Я бы и на жигуле проскочил по этой луже!

  5. Gromilic Srdjan says:

    Pogledajte ovaj videozapis na YouTubeu:

  6. Ivano Corbetta says:
  7. Daniel Collier says:

    i could do that to my range, only if my wife is cheating on me in the
    woods.. perhaps..

  8. niceguy60 says:

    this mud water kills the Electric components in the car 

  9. Pricillia Siswanto says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  10. Oliver Dagcuta says:

    i can do it with my multicab :) :) :) 

  11. rony ra aires says:

    só tem agua,quero ve na lama se é boa

  12. that is impressive, but the quesiton is, how would another 4×4 suv or a
    pickup handle that same situation?

  13. The Outdoorsman says:


  14. i can do the same with my chevy astro

  15. christian matuszewski says:

    c’est nul !, ils roulent sur du dur !! c’est pas un vehicule de
    franchissement juste bon a frimer

  16. Jaguar Land Rover Austin says:

    Who wants to go for a swim?

    Check out these Range Rover Sports take on some muddy water with ease!
    #RangeRover http://ow.ly/EelFh