2013 Honda Crosstour vs Fiat 500 Turbo 0-60 MPH Mashup Review

Fiat 500 In Snow

2013 Honda Crosstour vs Fiat 500 Turbo 0-60 MPH Mashup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The new 2013 Honda Crosstour with the V6 is a AWD crossover that directly competes with cars like the Toyota Venza. The 2013 Fiat 5…
Fiat 500 in snow Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mooosestang says:

    Only 3900lb vehicle I would buy would have over 500hp and even then i might
    reconsider. I drive a fiat 500 turbo and a 2006 mustang gt and the 1300ish
    lb difference is quite noticeable. I just wish Ford would make a 2300lb
    mustang or fiat make a 300rwhp 500.

  2. Gary McLeod says:

    Our 2014 Cross Tour V6 4WD gets 29 mpg at 78 mph, 34 mpg at 65 mph, and 25
    mpg driving around shopping. The cross tour is very stable on the freeway,
    defies cross winds, and is fatigue free for 600 mile one day drives. It is
    large enough for luggage. We are buying Honda’s now due to the reliability
    our friends have with these vehicles. 

  3. mooosestang says:

    You’ve got to rev that fiat up higher at launch.

  4. gabriel jimenez says:

    The fiat 500 just looks horrendous to me.

  5. soulsimplistic says:

    I actually like the Crosstour a lot, and I’m a BMW 5-series guy. It’s very
    heavy, but would make an awesome rally car if tuned properly.

  6. Carlos López says:

    Comparación de fiat 500 contra un Honda…. impresionante lo que puede
    hacer el Fiat :) 

  7. buildmorefarms100 says:

    Tiny lil Fiat owns the V6 accord…LOL!!!!!!

  8. Fiat 500 has style like no other

  9. Between these two I would choose the Crosstour. More useful. If I want
    power these two cars are at the bottom of my list. Better cars out there
    for this price.

  10. John Fellah says:

    Ha ha this video is so biased! Fiat 500 vs Crosstour is no comparison. The
    tiny, slow, powerless, uncomfy, outdated, ugly, unsafe 500 vs the latest
    car on engine technology/AWD/Navi/power/speed/stability like the Crosstour
    … ha ha
    The Crosstour should be compared with equally advanced cars (Mercedes,
    Audis, BMW… ) so much BS in this video!

  11. Vincent MacDonald says:

    Sry accord

  12. Vincent MacDonald says:

    +TheKrasnaludek the crosstour is not a minivan its basicly a Acord
    hatchback when it first came out it was called the Acord hatch then Honda
    changed the name to Crosstour

  13. Vincent MacDonald says:

    Idk if any one has said this but the Crosstour only got its name last year
    its been out since 09 and was called the Acord hatchback

  14. DawidAugust says:

    Hahahahahaha, had so much fun with that video, guys you are great!!!

  15. RyanAudi39 says:

    I think the Crosstour is awesome! I don’t know why everyone says it’s ugly,
    I don’t think it’s ugly! I LOVE the engine sound from the V6! :) :-0 :D

  16. TheKrasnaludek says:

    Fiat has style; that Honda is lame like a minivan trying to be more sport.

  17. You didn’t mention if you had the sport button turned on in the Fiat.
    Well… did you?

  18. Igor Podrug says:

    this is a good mashup, they are both ugly ass cars lol

  19. Ajeeth Uthayakumar says:

    Yes, a NEW Honda Video. Love You Guys. Thank You :D

  20. very good!!!

  21. yazeed Al-fahad says:

    شيشي صديد

  22. Love the sound of that Fiat

  23. bmwmsport11 says:

    I don’t like fiats or minis(except countryman all4). They all look too
    small for me.

  24. I missed your reviews guys. Ugh the crosstour is dusgusting

  25. Friday702Musicality says:

    I have always been curious.. are you guys Denver Bronco fans? And if you
    are, what was your reaction to that loss against the Ravens this recent
    Saturday? You guys are great! But this vid was questionable lol.