Pebble Beach 2012: 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Competizione – Jay Leno’s Garage

Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase

Pebble Beach 2012: 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Competizione – Jay Leno’s Garage

Pebble Beach 2012: 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Competizione. Ned Spieker shows Jay the short-wheelbase berlinetta he co-drove with Stirling Moss at Goodwood! » S…
Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 1954telecaster says:

    one of the most beautiful cars of all time! if only I had 5 million

  2. Alfred Munkenbeck says:

    I forgot the 250 was carberated, come to think of it, all the great cars
    from the 60s were. I cant possibly think why given how successful the fuel
    injected mercedes 300sl was in the mid 50s, i would of thought within 5
    years everybody would be doing it, it just makes far more sense. I’m
    probably missing some history knowledge there, but to me it seems strange.

  3. We love ya, Jay!

  4. markn heimer says:

    scared stiff, hahahahaha not going to make an old person joke.

  5. dontchuckitson says:

    Stirling Moss is awesome! Such a top, top guy!

  6. Fake appellation says:

    Very nice car

  7. bobby rock says:

    Love the channel but more views of the car would have been nice. I didn’t
    even seen the front once.

  8. targa florio says:

    Another passionate car feature from a guy who knows and loves his stuff.
    Keep Living the Dream Jay.

  9. Tyrone Ross says:

    I know nothing about this car, But, why does it have two windshields?? Can
    someone explain?

  10. OMG hes racing this !! thats a very expensive car

  11. Great car and great guys. ty.

  12. Andrew Miguelez says:

    Thanks for thanking me to thank you!

  13. Wtf, fire it up so we can at least hear it!

  14. Nice video

  15. Douglas Wood says:

    I’ll second that: Thanks for being the car guy you are, Jay!

  16. Don Kaddell says:

    The screens on the hood are bug and gravel deflectors. Original equipment
    but now needed even more to protect a $5K windshield!