Oricalc Crisis Division – Magnum PI Ferrari 308 GTS

Ferrari 308 GTSi

Oricalc Crisis Division – Magnum PI Ferrari 308 GTS

EN – Tribute video dedicated to the Ferrari 308 GTS, the striking sports car driven by Tom Selleck in the Magnum P.I. hit TV series IT – Tributo dedicato all…
Ferrari 308 GTSi Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Turbid TG1 says:

    What episode is 1:11 from?

  2. mark marshall says:

    tom in his 308 or don in his testarossa?

  3. richie baby says:

    I hate the way that ferrari have gone with their cars with all this race
    mode launch control geeky shit.Back in the eighties they were making sexy
    cars but in the ninties they completely lost the plot.I want a ferrari but
    nothing after the f40.I hate every ferrari after the f40.But ferrari’s
    before the f40 were the best cars in the world.

  4. sirlonghair says:

    that’s right Ferrari & every other European car Co. cried like babes wen
    the Mosler changed the rule book they put in weight penalty for
    displacement so the Mosler get’s the Honor of carrying 400Kg. well on the
    street there are no rules & Moslers roam the street with 1,000-2,000 Hp
    under 2300 pounds beyond the performance of ANY Ferrari road car & many
    super bikes the new Lt1 with it’s variable valve timing improves the torque
    of the most highly evolved engine on the planet the chevy small block

  5. timmytyphoon says:

    Its funny to see a Pontiac trying to keep pace with a Ferrari….LMAO

  6. bonzie1645 says:

    i think magnum’s car looks better than sonny crockett’s car… although i
    like both hehe.

  7. Peanut82RM says:

    STUPENDA! data un occhiata, se vi va, al mio video con la 380… ho avuto
    la fortuna di beccarla stamattina in un concessionario!

  8. Nightbird says:

    It is just a fast truck. Speed alone doesn’t make a vehicle good. It also
    must be built well, handle well, & have the best materials both inside &
    out -all things a Chevy truck does not have. A Ferrari is built by expert
    craftsmen by hand, & not in an assembly line like a chevy is. Ferrari’s
    have incredible handling & braking, the finest parts, the finest leather
    interiors, & a body so beautiful it is a work of art. A chevy truck has
    none of this. Don’t compare a rock to a diamond my friend. =)

  9. sirlonghair says:

    slow slow slow

  10. Nightbird says:

    Now THIS is a TRUE FERRARI. Not like the ugly shit Ferrari produces today.

  11. pluto19888 says:

    stupenda serie .. stupenda auto anche se secondo me nel telefilm non è
    stato dato molto rilievo all’auto .. forse era troppo di contorno .. kmq
    ottima scelta agli sceneggiatori ..

  12. 32doors says:

    Anything is disposable if you’re rich enough. Maybe he had a garage full of
    308 targa tops.

  13. Shawn Ward says:

    you must be a dumb kid with no style

  14. sirlonghair says:

    and yet it is still slower than an assembly line truck and would never last
    as long or be as reliable and if you want to haull ass the truck can sit
    8and (2 in the cab) easy in the bed this Ferrari can fit only 1 and these
    trucks command a higher action price than a 308

  15. watch that last scene… Since when did that car have a disposable roof top?