Michael Schumacher in Ferrari FXX Burnouts & Accelerations!!

Ferrari FX

Michael Schumacher in Ferrari FXX Burnouts & Accelerations!!

Marco records the legendary Ferrari F1 pilot Michael Schumacher making some burnouts, donuts and accelerations in his black Ferrari FXX number 30 at the Mugello circuit during the Finali Ferrari…
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  1. TheFunkhouser says:

    Bless you Michael, thank you so much from many F1 racing world fans. I only
    wish youd be back very soon. Im selfish I know.. but please be well very
    soon so we can again see you race even for a short time longer :( 

  2. reon barrett says:

    f1 drivers only f1 not best in all cars 

  3. Tikhomir Nikolov says:

    Michael Schumacher in Ferrari FXX Burnouts & Accelerations!!:

  4. Delio Caposiena says:

    Il miglior pilota di tutti i tempi… Grande micheal 

  5. Jeffo Jon J says:

    A lump in my throat & tears….time to wake up buddy ….♡♥

  6. قعقاع الصحراء says:

    *Schumi + Ferrari = ♥*

  7. aeroman5000 says:

    Ferrari only lets certain vehicles be used exclusively on certain tracks.
    Pay god awful amounts of money to not own a vehicle and be told what to do
    with it. they make cool cars but I’m a Lamborghini man. Built tough and
    durable unlike it’s horse competitor.

  8. Zang420 says:

    Retired seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher has been in a
    medically induced coma after a skiing accident December 29,2013. His
    doctors confirm he was slowly being brought out of his coma last month.
    Stay strong!

  9. Rohit Rao says:

    Son many sweet ferrari’s!!!

  10. juniormolina12 says:

    God Bless Michael! He’s going to get better! Who knows, he may be cleared
    for racing soon down the road. 

  11. John Techwriter says:

    As this video shows, he lived life to the full. That’s a consolation, I

  12. Werner Pohlmann says:


  13. niko790321 says:

    i miss schumi….please get well soon

  14. Michał Nowacki says:

    stupid man.I want your many.

  15. john undertaker says:

    michael loved the ferrari and Italians have loved him!grande shumi come

  16. deluxeeeLuxury says:

    michael ! dont leave us !!!! please

  17. Janusdutemple says:


  18. Sydney Supercars says:

    What a legend, i hope he gets better, there will be no other person like