Lamborgini Diablo vs. Ferrari F40 vs. Venturi 400GT 05 vs. P

Ferrari 400 GT

Lamborgini Diablo vs. Ferrari F40 vs. Venturi 400GT 05 vs. P

Lamborgini Diablo vs. Ferrari F40 vs. Venturi 400GT 05 vs. Porche 911 vs. Honda NSX.
Ferrari 400 GT Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. thats simply outrageous!

  2. onoitsaWRX says:

    I don’t think that’s an RSR; it’s an RS, 964 Carrera RS.

  3. Grimoire of Miniatures says:

    venturi 400 is my favorit here. i LOVE that car

  4. yomonstruo says:

    f40 and venturi are amazing..,didnt they raced these cars??

  5. ngentotsemua says:

    Diablo, Venturi, 911 rulez the GT-R driver was at 10m to death , and MR2
    was spinning like a carousel. the best japs car here was NSX

  6. I know exactly what he is saying.He’s saying that”this job sucks and all I
    really want to do is get the hell home and give the wife a good seeing to”.

  7. Mittensforth Terwillager says:

    well, I guess there’s a reason they say Porsche brakes set the industry

  8. bubblykittypuppy says:

    porsche use brembo

  9. TAMBOREBRIO says:

    Hijos de Akiro Kurosawa no entiendo ni madre, me gustaria saber que dicen

  10. the brakes from lambo was in this test the strongest

  11. Porsche rules, Thumbs up to the turbo and gt3; my dad’s car’s!

  12. Aztech355 says:

    I love all the cars in this video .

  13. jeep sucks

  14. No you are 100 percent right, it was also never equipped with door handles,
    carpet, a stereo, heater, ac, powersteering, I don’t know if the car even
    had assisted power brakes. I think kthe windows rolled down too. The paint
    is so thin that you can see the carbon fiber through it, basically Enzo
    Ferrari dropped any and all dead weight. That was the last ferrari he
    worked on before dying. I think it is the best Ferrari personally…well
    then again the 288GTO does kick ass too.

  15. el chino dice: que si algun dia llegas a tener un carro de estos, tengas
    cuidado al frenar , y no anden de pinches acelerados,pinche chino!!!!! que