Lamborghini Gallardo EDO vs. Ferrari 575M Novitec

Ferrari 575 Superamerica

Lamborghini Gallardo EDO vs. Ferrari 575M Novitec

Gallardo tuned by EDO competition versus 575M Maranello tuned by Novitec Rosso.
Ferrari 575 Superamerica Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Ferrari 575 Superamerica question by cocolemonjello: ferrari or lambourghini?

Ferrari 575 Superamerica best answer:

Answer by silencedwatcher
lambourghini every single time.

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  1. 8MunchenBayern8 says:

    to make it better dumbass

  2. Krissvette says:

    Nice woman i love it…

  3. BoomBamGoal says:

    there better be kitchens in those cars or those women are way off their

  4. macias9133 says:

    that Ferrari looks like a cheap hyundai

  5. Adrian Daret says:

    Absolutely, worst is that none of the guys bitching bout these cars had not
    even the chance to sit in one of these cars, and driving? No way… I love
    these cars too thats why I watch the video

  6. Francisco Arias says:

    It’s Just old… When It Came Out, Wasn’t a looker but a lot loved it…

  7. Spark345Guilty says:

    that ferrai sucks, better car then that

  8. alliancesigns says:

    if you have the car without the girls, it worthless.

  9. actually i changed my mind, cuz the novitec version of the maranello is so

  10. xXxFir3FlyxXx says:

    u don’t buy exotics for durability or reliability u buy it for the head
    turns and the jaw drops any1 can buy a toyota but only a select few can buy
    exotics and its the exclusivity u also buy

  11. thundercatman89 says:

    @monkeymarine291 shut up fagget it make her look hot

  12. schubidubap says:

    In my opinion the 575 was the last nice Ferrari….

  13. StreeTRacR008 says:

    Yeah, they speak American-English you asshole.

  14. i cant under stand this dude

  15. Taygun Saritoprak says:

    Shouldn’t be racist over a debate, just comment on your side no one cares
    about your aggression.

  16. tifosiman68 says:

    I cant help myself, I came here to see some sweet Italian exotics and I see
    people bitching about them. I love them both,and I bet you losers do to
    just enjoy.

  17. Nice CARS…..Nice GIRLS life is good.

  18. Pure Crytex says:

    Wie geil… Die Königsalle in Düsseldorf

  19. Chris Lee says:

    lol learn english noob….and i meant that the girls look like
    whores…(and they probably are)…so STFU

  20. dragonquest20 says:

    it is the best sportcars!!i have not ferrari everybody know it!!

  21. lambo. most def.

  22. Doclester says:

    Lambourghini, no question about it.

  23. i_luv_puppies says:

    They’re both bad a$ $ cars but I like the Lambo better.

  24. The Prince of Laos says:


  25. andyandchloe says:

    ferrari legos are cool!!!
    lambourghini cars a better

  26. vetteslayer says:

    ’07 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. runs just as good as or better than a Ferrari or Lambo at a fraction of the cost.

  27. Hot Camaro 69 says:

    Lamborgini Dialblo SV with that supercharged V-12 engine….

  28. Person 1 says:


  29. bracken46 says:

    Ferrari. I’ve been involved with both, and I’ll never shake the affection I have for the glorious v8 and v12 Ferrari engine noise. Lamborghinis are beautiful, and the Diablo and Murcielago sound like F1 cars when they get on the throttle, but every exotic car expert I’ve talked to says their fit and finish doesn’t come close to Ferrari quality.

    Since I don’t wrench on them, Lambos are fine with me. They just aren’t my ’83 308 GTSi Quattrovalvole.

    I also have a special place in my heart for the Ferrari 575 Superamerica I ran into at the coast once. Gorgeous v12 car. Just whipped the Lambos we were riding with.